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Generic HIV Drugs Will Be a Good Thing, Right? Img

Generic HIV Drugs Will Be a Good Thing, Right?

"It is an open question whether generic competition, at least in the short term, will actually materialize or if it does, lead to reduced prices," David Evans and Anne Donnelly write.

High Cost of HIV Meds, Other Drugs Should Be Top Presidential Concern, Most Americans Say Img

High Cost of HIV Meds, Other Drugs Should Be Top Presidential Concern, Most Americans Say

Rising drug costs, particularly for medications that treat chronic infections such as HIV, will likely be a hot-button issue during the 2016 presidential election cycle, according to a recent poll from Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF).

Can We Afford to Cure HIV? Img

Can We Afford to Cure HIV?

What would you be willing to pay for a cure for HIV? We bring you five fresh perspectives, from science to the streets.

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Reactions to Clinton's "AIDS-Free Generation" Speech

Translating Science Into Service Delivery to Achieve Clinton's Vision of an AIDS-Free Generation

In this post in the Huffington Post's "Impact" blog, U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator Ambassador Eric Goosby responds to Secretary of State Hillary Rodham C...

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Opinion Piece Examines Efficacy of U.S. Foreign Health Aid

"President Obama signaled recently a major shift in the way the United States tries to help poor countries," Philip Stevens, policy director at the International Policy Network, writes in a Providence Journal opinion piece, adding, "Whereas the Bush ...

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Cruising With Lazarus: The Fourth Annual "Just Shut Up" Awards

Every year, people all over the world say stridently stupid, misinformed or absurd things about HIV and AIDS. Here's a list of some folks who make you wonder what, if anything, they were thinking before they opened their mouths in 2004. Their comme...

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Brother-to-Brother Receives Funds to Raise Awareness About HIV Vaccine Research in Hard-to-Reach Populations

Seattle -- Out of 128 national and local community-based organizations, and through a highly competitive selection process, Brother-to-Brother was chosen as one of only 20 groups nationwide to receive funding to educate hard-to-reach populations abou...

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PhRMA Speaks! And We All Listen

The marketing reach of the pharmaceutical industry is deep and pervasive. Among the top four U.S. drug makers, marketing expenses last year were at least double the amount spent for scientific research and development. Pharmaceutical marketing is a w...

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You Don't Own Me

For the past several years, I have become increasingly worried about how patents could affect our response to the AIDS epidemic. Many of us are familiar with the international debates about patents on AIDS drugs and the fight to use cheaper, generic,...

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Drug Pricing

Recently some pharmaceutical companies have imposed substantial, unexpected price increases for HIV drugs. These increases mean that more people will not get necessary treatment, since ADAP and other public program budgets have already been set, and ...