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AIDS Vanity Plates Considered by New York

State Assembly member Bill Magnarelli (Syracuse) in January introduced a bill to create an HIV/AIDS awareness auto license plate for New York. The bill has also been introduced in the upper chamber by Sen. Joe Robach (Rochester). The tag would cost $...

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New York: Minorities With AIDS Dying for Resources

HIV/AIDS infections have been on the increase in New York City's communities of color since the start of the syndrome's crisis. But initially, most of the funding for prevention and education programs was directed toward organizations that had little...

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New York City: AIDS Panel Votes to Investigate Cuts

New York City's HIV Planning Council voted Thursday to launch an investigation into a $14 million cut in federal funds to the city's AIDS programs. The US Department of Health and Human Services recently slashed the city's share of Ryan White Title I...

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smart (smärt), adj. ... having or showing intelligence or ready mental capability ... clever, witty, or readily effective ... (The Random House College Dictionary, Revised Edition, 1984)SMART. Sisterhood Mobilized for AIDS/HIV Research and Treatment....

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Allegheny County Health Board Backs Trial of Needle Exchange

The Allegheny County Board of Health yesterday endorsed development of a needle exchange program for intravenous drug users as a way to reduce the spread of AIDS and hepatitis. Members of the board will form a panel, begin to establish policies and p...

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New York State Authorized Needle Exchange Programs

Editor's note: This chart was provided by New York Harm Reduction Educators, Inc.

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