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New York City Health Department Debuts HIV Awareness Subway Ad

New York City's health department is building on an HIV prevention campaign it launched in December with a new subway poster that urges riders: "Stay HIV free, always use a condom." Also on Tuesday, the department released a related Internet video. I...

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NYC Health Department Takes Grisly HIV Campaign to the Subway

The NYC health department announced this morning that it's taking its latest HIV campaign -- that's the fear-mongering one that lit up so much controversy in December -- to the subway.

At the same time, to address concerns provoked by the campaign, ...

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NYC Health Department Refuses to Pull Grisly Prevention Video

On Thursday, NYC Department of Health's Dr. Monica Sweeney continued to defend the contentious HIV prevention video that many activists called offensive and sensationalistic when it debuted on TV in December.

"We need to think of all the possible wa...

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Can Medicaid Reform Happen in a New York Minute?

New Yorkers talk fast, walk fast and eat fast. And some seem to believe they can do something else fast -- jump-start a serious overhaul of the state's budget-eating Medicaid program by spending less than two months soliciting reform ideas from inter...

Fear and HIV Prevention Shouldn't Mix Img

Fear and HIV Prevention Shouldn't Mix

Since its Dec. 7 television debut, New York City's "It's Never Just HIV" ad campaign has polarized the HIV and LGBT communities. But our news editor Kellee Terrell knows where she stands: "To sell HIV prevention using fear (as opposed to using love a...

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Charles King Op-Ed: Shock Tactics Won't Stop HIV

Housing Works President and CEO Charles King on why a controversial anti-HIV video featuring rotting brains and decaying bones is bad policy -- and doomed to fail.

Earlier this month, the New York City Department of Health unveiled a short campaign ...

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New York: Gay Groups Blast City-Sponsored HIV Ad

Last week, New York City health officials launched a new prevention effort that seeks to counter HIV complacency among men who have sex with men (MSM). However, two gay and lesbian advocacy groups said the campaign's TV ad is stigmatizing and too sen...

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New York: HASA Report Downplays Egregious Delays, Growing SRO Crisis

New York City AIDS advocates would have been laughing at last week's annual HIV/AIDS Services Administration report -- if they hadn't been so angry.

The gaps in the report only reinforce the agency's years-long refusal to address the same persistent...

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In New York, Needle Exchange Law a True Grassroots Victory

It's a storyline we don't hear often: Drug users, empowered, lobby politicians and create change.

This is exactly, however, what happened this summer. When a state syringe access bill passed this July, it was a victory achieved not only by HIV/AIDS ...

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Fighting for Prison Health Care Above the Norm: A Blog Entry by Rusti Miller-Hill

On June 10, 1993, I was released from Albion State Correctional Facility for Women. "91G1505," as I had been called for the last three years of my life, was no longer property of the State of New York. The road, while hard and painful, was getting re...