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Florida: HIV Care Lacking for Transgender Women Img

Florida: HIV Care Lacking for Transgender Women

Florida fails to deliver basic HIV services to many transgender women, endangering their health and contributing to an uncontrolled HIV epidemic in the state.

Florida Begins 2018 by Offering Free PrEP Statewide Img

Florida Begins 2018 by Offering Free PrEP Statewide

The Florida Department of Health began 2018 by announcing plans to offer PrEP for free throughout the state by the end of the year.

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Needle Exchange Bill Finds Early Support in Florida

This article was reported by Miami Herald.

The Miami Herald reported that south Florida lawmakers introduced a bill to allow a privately funded needle-exchange program for intravenous drug users in Miami-Dade County. Although a similar bill failed l...

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Bay County, Fla., Report: Local HIV Cases Nearly Double From Last Year

This article was reported by News Herald (Panama City, Fla.).

An article in the News Herald stated that a recent Florida Department of Health in Bay County report shows that new HIV cases in the county have nearly doubled, from 14 cases last year to...

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Florida: Broward Health Department Drops Rapid HIV Testing at Jails

This article was reported by Sun Sentinel.

The Sun-Sentinel recently reported that Broward County Health Department discontinued HIV rapid testing for county jail inmates because the positivity rate was not high enough to warrant the program's expen...

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Florida: Condom Nation Slides Into Town

AIDS Healthcare Foundation's (AHF) Condom Nation program recently distributed approximately 60,000 free condoms in five hours to individuals in Orlando, Florida. The program uses an 18-wheeler, 72-foot big rig and a smaller HIV/AIDS testing unit. The...

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Florida: Black Teens Get Message on Safer Sex

Black high school students in Florida have made marked improvements in reducing sexual risk behaviors, mirroring progress seen nationally among black youths. Nationally, racial disparities for risk behaviors between blacks and youths of other ethnici...

Florida: Magic Johnson Invests in Miami-Dade Health Plan Img

Florida: Magic Johnson Invests in Miami-Dade Health Plan

Magic Johnson Enterprises has partnered with a health care service company to offer a new medical plan for Floridians with HIV/AIDS. The plan, which will be available through Medicaid, will debut in Miami-Dade and be extended throughout Florida.

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Florida: Keys Program Promotes Safe Sex

Last year, the Florida health department's Division of Disease Control distributed about 15.2 million condoms of all varieties throughout the state. In the Keys, nearly 500,000 were given out at 130 locations from Key Largo to Key West to help preven...

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Romance in Digital Age: Casual Sex Is Having Unintended Results for More Young Adults in Florida

The number of college-age students getting STDs is rising, with about 36,000 Floridians in their early 20s having contracted chlamydia, gonorrhea or syphilis in 2010. That amounted to about 3 percent of the age group. New HIV case numbers also have r...