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Carmarion D. Anderson-Harvey

Anti-Transgender Bills Are Active in Dozens of States. Here’s How Trans Folks and Allies Are Fighting Back

This is a record year for bills aiming to block trans youth from medical care or school sports—and some have already passed.

By Tim Murphy
Asian American patient

Asian-American Health Data Is Guilty of Erasure by Aggregation

Are Asian Americans really at low risk for HIV? And which Asian-American and Pacific Islander communities are we talking about? Research methods need to change so we can see where the needs are.

By Juan Michael Porter II
SOAR syringe-exchange and harm-reduction services

Harsh New Restrictions in West Virginia Show Just How Fragile Needle Exchange Programs Can Be

Both the state and the capital city just made it almost impossible to protect drug users and their service providers—despite HIV outbreaks and the nation’s No. 1 overdose crisis.

By Tim Murphy
COVID-19 vaccination

The U.S. COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout Further Exposes Racial Inequities in Its Health Care System

As Black, Native American, and Latinx people continue to experience much higher rates of death due to COVID-19, these communities are still receiving fewer vaccines.

By Anni Irish
Deja Abdul-Haqq

The Particular Struggle of the Fight Against HIV in a Deep Red State

No expanded Medicaid. Awful sex ed. Criminalization laws. And poor PrEP access. But folks are making do—and taking part in systemic political change where they can.

By Tim Murphy
safe injection protest

Overdose Prevention Sites Work, but They Face an Uphill Battle in the U.S.

The fight for places where drug users can shoot up safely isn’t over—but it’s competing with an effort to expand access to medications that block addiction.

By Tim Murphy
Greg Millett

Reviving the Office of National AIDS Policy Is Crucial to Ending the HIV Epidemic

We talked with longtime HIV/AIDS policy expert and former ONAP official Greg Millett, M.P.H., to better understand why.

By Juan Michael Porter II
Marcus Stanley

A Texas HIV Conference Pulled a Presentation on White Supremacy—Why?

Late last year, the Texas health department asked the authors to take “white supremacy” out of the abstract—and then dropped it altogether.

By Tim Murphy
Biden Harris

Biden Actually Has a House and Senate Majority. So What Should We Push For?

Advocates say that a big fat COVID bill must come first, followed by a Medicare public option. (Oh ... and then there’s impeachment.)

By Tim Murphy
Perry Junjulas next to a sign that says "Governor Cuomo Keep Your Promise End AIDS'

New York State HIV and Health Providers Are Terrified of This Impending Cut From Gov. Cuomo’s Office

Activists and health care providers say that planned cuts in the Medicaid 340B program will decimate their funding for crucial services to vulnerable populations during COVID—and destroy the state’s goal of ending the HIV epidemic.

By Tim Murphy