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California State Capitol building

California Moves to End HIV Discrimination in Life and Disability Insurance Coverage

HIV will be considered a chronic condition, like others, in insurance underwriting decisions.

By Larry Buhl
Los Angeles LGBT Center

Community Outrage Leads LA to Restore Funding for HIV/STD Testing

After hearing that the Los Angeles LGBT Center wouldn't offer HIV and STI testing services for free, the community pushed back. Here's the story of what happened.

By Larry Buhl
Michelle Tabajonda Christopher Alcala Gabriel Maldonado Jorge De Los Santos Sunni Meador

A 'TruEvolution' Is Happening in Riverside, California

While most people with HIV in Riverside County are white gay men in Palm Springs, TruEvolution in the city of Riverside provides services to black and Latinx youth impacted by the epidemic.

By Tim Murphy
Raymond Brickhouse (left) and Rob Newells

Oakland's HIV Epidemic Is a Tale of Two Cities

In a gentrifying city in the shadow of wealthy San Francisco, HIV service providers think of everything -- housing, food assistance, a spiritual community, and electrolysis -- they need to meet people's needs.

By Tim Murphy
Painted Ladies Houses in San Francisco in evening

To Combat Homelessness in San Francisco, The City Must Confront Its Anti-Homeless Laws

Outreach worker Antwan Matthews argues for housing and public health approaches, not criminalization of people living on the streets.

By Antwan Matthews
Marianne Williamson

Is Marianne Williamson's Record on AIDS as Great as She Claims?

As the 2020 presidential hopeful touts her HIV activist record, doubts remain as to whether her version of events is the full truth.

By Mathew Rodriguez
Connie Norman

Transgender 'AIDS Diva' and Activist Connie Norman Remembered in Powerful Documentary

The former ACT UP Los Angeles member finally gets her place in the sun.

By Giuliani Alvarenga
Rajani Gudlavalleti and colleagues

San Francisco Will Be First U.S. City With Legal Injection Site to Prevent Opioid Overdoses; Others Scramble to Follow

Even as overdose deaths surge, the movement for "safe consumption" sites remains fraught with challenges.

By Tim Murphy
Requiring Porn Actors to Wear Condoms Is Legislating Problems That Don't Exist Img

Requiring Porn Actors to Wear Condoms Is Legislating Problems That Don't Exist

Sue Saltmarsh asks, "Considering all the ways one can contract an STI, as well as all available prevention methods, is the porn industry's use of condoms really where attention should be paid?"

By Sue Saltmarsh
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STD Rates Continue to Climb in San Francisco, Calif.

This article was reported by Bay Area Reporter.

The Bay Area Reporter described a 2013 increase in San Francisco's chlamydia, gonorrhea, and early syphilis incidence for the eighth straight year, with the majority of cases occurring among men who ha...

By CDC National Prevention Information Network