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Programs That Work for Reducing Sexual Risk Behaviors Among Adolescents

A recent article in Contemporary Pediatrics, by Douglas Kirby, PhD, Senior Research Scientist at ETR Associates, reviews effective adolescent pregnancy-prevention programs.   Kirby writes that many of the programs developed in the last two decades to...

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Children & HIV: Treatment Briefs

Presentations on pediatric AIDS at the recent Retrovirus Conference focused on broadening treatment options. Highlighted were studies of anti-HIV therapies, particularly protease inhibitor (PI) containing regimens. While encouraging, studies elicited...

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A Phase I Study of Hydroxyurea in HIV-Infected Children Receiving Didanosine and/or Stavudine

This study, conducted by M. Kline and colleagues at Baylor College of Medicine, evaluated the safety, antiviral and immunologic effects, and pharmacokinetics of hydroxyurea, given with ddI and/or d4T to symptomatic HIV-infected children. It is among ...

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Perinatal and Postnatal Transmission* of HIV Infection


Numbers and Proportions Infants Affected; Populations at Risk Maternal Exposure Categories Recent Trends in Treatment and Transmission Rates Natural History Treatment and Prevention: Treatment of the Woman During Pregnancy and Ot...

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Reassuring Findings About Infants Exposed to Zidovudine

Children exposed to zidovudine (ZDV, AZT) in utero and as newborns and who escaped acquiring HIV from their infected mothers show no cancers or other adverse health effects up through preschool age, according to a new study from the National Institut...

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Advances in Pediatric HIV Research

Despite the recent advancements in perinatal transmission research, the HIV/AIDS epidemic in children is hardly over. Even the most optimistic experts in the field acknowledge that, because women are among the fastest groups of people becoming infect...

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ACTG 300 Leaves Many Questions Unanswered

On June 18, the NIH-sponsored pediatric trial ACTG 300 was brought to an early conclusion. Its Data and Safety Monitoring Board (DSMB) had determined that the data already collected amply demonstrated that AZT/3TC, or AZT/ddI for that matter, were su...

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Antiretroviral Therapy in Children

Pediatricians who treat children with HIV infection have long had to struggle with a nebulous standard of care, frequently based on the recommendations of consensus panels(1) and anecdotal evidence, rather than on scientifically derived data. The dev...