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Mothers' Influence on Teenage Sexual Behavior: Connections That Promote Postponing Sexual Intercourse

The Center for Adolescent Health and Development at the University of Minnesota recently published a monograph examining mother-teen relationships to determine how mothers affect sexual behavior among teens who are not yet sexually active.

The monog...

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Denver: Sex 101 -- College Students Increasingly Casual About Bedfellows, Just as Casual About Condoms

Baskets brimming with condoms dot dormitory floors at the University of Colorado-Boulder. Despite the fact that college students can get contraceptives more easily than a case of beer, more than half of all American college students had unprotected s...

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Is the Lack of Sexual Assertiveness Among Adolescent and Young Adult Women a Cause for Concern?

A study in the July/August issue of Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health examines sexual assertiveness among young women. Researchers wanted to determine how/if young women communicate to protect their sexual health and autonomy.



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Cruising With Lazarus: The Muppet Menace or Republicans in the 'Hood

What's the most famous street in the United States? Sesame Street. Since debuting in 1969, "Sesame Street" has become the most well respected children's educational series in the history of television. Public television producer Joan Ganz Cooney deve...

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California: Camp Is a Lifesaver for Tammy, 15, Born With HIV

Fifteen-year-old Tammy left a short but telling message in an Internet chat room -- "If it wasn't for camp, I would have committed suicide." Tammy, who did not want her last name used, was born with HIV, a virus that she can only discuss with a few c...

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Casual Sex Becomes Subject for Middle Schoolers

The CDC is currently asking teens to share a secret: Are you having sex? The question it wants to ask on its survey but can't is: Are you having oral sex? Dr. Lloyd Kolbe, director of the CDC's Adolescent and School Health Program, said a committee t...

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Effects of a Brief, Theory-Based STD-Prevention Program for Female College Students

A recent study published in the Journal of Adolescent Health evaluates a sexually transmitted disease (STD) risk-reduction intervention tailored to college-aged women.

Participants were 78 undergraduate females who reported inconsistent condom use o...

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In Their Own Right: Addressing the Sexual and Reproductive Health Needs of American Men

Highlights from the report's second chapter show that there is a great variation in when and how safely teenage men experience the transition to sexual activity.

For the average American male, puberty starts between the ages of 12 and 14, although s...

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Listening to Mothers' Voices

"What makes Mothers' Voices a special organization, and a different organization, is that we're not going around the parents and directly to the young people. We're telling the parents, 'You are the primary sexuality educators for your children, an...

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Psychosocial and Behavioral Correlates of Refusing Unwanted Sex Among African-American Adolescent Females

The January issue of the Journal of Adolescent Health features a study that examines the psychosocial and behavioral aspects of refusing unwanted sexual intercourse among African-American adolescent females.

Data were collected from self-administere...