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California: Success Seen in Program to Cut Teen HIV/AIDS Cases

The "From High Risk to Mainstream" program takes young people following a path of dangerous behaviors and redirects them through peer-to-peer education and support.

During the last three years, the HIV/AIDS service organization Working Wonders has s...

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Effectiveness of an HIV/STD Risk-Reduction Intervention for Adolescents When Implemented by Community-Based Organizations: A Cluster-Randomized Controlled Trial

The current study evaluates the effectiveness of an HIV/STD risk-reduction intervention when implemented by community-based organizations (CBOs).

The cluster-randomized controlled trial involved 86 CBOs serving African Americans ages 13 to 18. The C...

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Teens and Sex Education at the Doctor's Office

Many parents are bringing their young daughters to their first visit with the gynecologist not only to receive the Gardasil human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine but also to bolster the youths' sexual health awareness. The American College of Obstetrici...

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The History of Hope's Voice

Photo © Russell McGonagle

Jeff Berry: Can you give a brief history of how Hope's Voice was founded?

Todd Murray: Hope's Voice was founded in 2004 while attending the Ryan White National Youth Conference. I did a speech on young people living with H...

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Friends for Life: One Doctor Takes HIV Prevention Into the Hood

Between 2001 and 2002, 11% of all HIV diagnoses in the city of Chicago were in young people ages 13 to 24. Within the adolescent division of the county hospital, one out of three youth diagnosed with HIV had already developed AIDS. Most of them were ...

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New York Times Examines Controversy Surrounding, History of AIDS Drug Trials Involving Foster Children

The New York Times on Sunday examined the history of and the controversy surrounding HIV/AIDS drug clinical trials in the 1990s that included foster children, many of whom were black or Latino and poor. The debate centers on whether researchers gaine...

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Parents' Disapproval of Sex May Cut Teenage Girls' STD Risk

Dr. Carol A. Ford of the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and colleagues found that teenage girls who think their parents disapprove of their having sex may have a lower risk of STDs as young adults. Compared with their peers, girls who belie...

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Utah: Knowledge Is Power: Sexual-Abstinence Programs Reaching More Utah Teens

The national debate over the best way to reduce the spread of STDs and teen pregnancy continues, as President Bush wants to increase federal funding for abstinence education programs. To date, there is minimal evidence indicating that abstinence-only...

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New Hampshire: Benefits of Abstinence Stressed

Now that the public comment period has closed for New Hampshire's abstinence task force, a panel will recommend how the state allocates federal Abstinence Education Grant Program funds, according to Brook Dupee, panel coordinator and spokesperson for...

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Correlation of Sexual Activity/Substance Abuse and Team Sport Participation Among Adolescents Nationwide

Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine recently published a study focusing on the relationship between adolescent sexual activity/substance use and team sport participation. Researchers wanted to determine whether vigorous physical activity, ...