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A Play in NYC Wittily Explores the Emotional Toll on HIV Plague-Era Survivors

'Still at Risk' is about long-term survivors, but it's for younger gay men too.

By Tim Murphy

Stories of African-American Women Aging With HIV: 'My Life Wasn't What I Hoped It to Be'

"HIV for African-American women has never been a single issue, separate from histories of addiction, trauma and poverty," Thurka Sangaramoorthy writes.

By Thurka Sangaramoorthy for The Conversation

Remembering Our Seniors on National HIV/AIDS and Aging Awareness Day

"Many of our seniors are sexually active and vulnerable to the same circumstances of the lack of information and support as the younger and more visible members of the community," Earl Fowlkes writes.

By Earl Fowlkes for AIDS Foundation of Chicago

HIV and Aging: A Growing Population Faces Unique Challenges

A conversation with Jeff Taylor, longtime HIV community and research advocate and cancer survivor.

By amfAR, The Foundation for AIDS Research

Are We Breaking Barriers and Building Bridges?

During a session on HIV and healthy aging at the International AIDS Conference in Amsterdam, one woman spoke passionately about the need for increased visibility of older people living with HIV.

By Sarah Denison-Johnston for The Well Project

Spotlight: Edward Jackson

"The challenges of HIV and aging still represent an enormous gift and paradox," Edward Jackson writes. "This gift defines my commitment to this life-giving, life-changing vision to the reduce stigma, provide education, and end HIV in our lives."

By Edward Jackson for National Minority AIDS Council

A Little Gratitude

On the 30th anniversary of her HIV diagnosis, Dawn Averitt writes, "Just being alive in 2018, the mother of three daughters, did not only seem unlikely in 1988, it seemed implausible at best and more realistically, impossible at the time."

By Dawn Averitt Bridge for The Well Project

What Is an HIV Long-Term Survivor? Five People With HIV Grapple With the Question

Justin B. Terry-Smith talks with five people who have been HIV positive between 10 and 30-plus years to better understand what being a long-term survivor means and to learn about some of the challenges they face.

By Justin B. Terry-Smith

Long-Term Survivors of HIV/AIDS Speak Up About Their Legacy

Just in time for the annual HIV Long-Term Survivors Awareness Day on June 5, The Reunion Project has released a new video in which people who have lived with HIV for decades discuss their legacy.

By Mark S. King for

Honoring My Older Gay Brother on 'LGBT Elders Day': A Blog Entry by Mark S. King

"My new post has video of my remarks at a special LGBT Elders event last night, where I honor my brother and he helps me tell our story," says Mark S. King "It's funny. It's sad. It's life."

By Mark S. King for