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Planning for Retirement While Living With HIV

Whether you're on public assistance or you're more well off, there are things you can do to plan for a secure future.

By Tim Murphy

A Place to Call Home: Looking at Options -- and Facing Stigma

"If and when the need for specialized housing arises, the potential for stigma becomes perhaps more important than ever," Enid Vázquez writes. "To be more vulnerable when you need greater support is a frightening thought."

By Enid Vazquez for Positively Aware

As LGBT People With HIV Age, How Can They Find Info on Good Housing Options?

To make it easier for LGBT people and people living with HIV/AIDS to find the homes they deserve, SAGE has launched a new site and interactive map for those who want to take control of their living situations, especially as they get older.

By Tim R. Johnston, Ph.D.

For Adults Only: HIV+ and 50+ -- A Housing Program

"This is a mature population. They're highly motivated. And when we talk about independent living, we're really talking about independent living. We can support our clients to do whatever they need to do, but they need to have a sense of what it is ...

By Laura Engle for Body Positive