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Programs Seek to Break Isolation for People Over 50 Living With HIV

"We try to foster connection. We look at civic and social engagement and build community," said the manager of a program based in San Francisco.

By Stephen Hicks

The Cost of Long-Term Survival

Many long-term survivors hear that HIV is no longer a big deal, but are also the first generation navigating getting older with HIV.

By Enid Vazquez for Test Positive Aware Network

Brightening the Blues: Depression and HIV

Aging with HIV can come with its fair share of depression and anxiety. But, as Tom Menard -- the vice president of operations at AIDS Foundation of Chicago and a 55-year-old man living with HIV -- can personally attest, there's help out there; we jus...

By Positively Aware

Depression and Older Women With HIV

People living with HIV are often confronted with a variety of physical ailments related to the disease or as a result of receiving treatment. Many may not realize, however, that dealing with a serious illness like HIV can also involve threats to one'...

By Mark Brennan, Ph.D., and Stephen Karpiak, Ph.D. for AIDS Community Research Initiative of America