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Daniel Franzese Advocates for the HIV Community in Hollywood and the Halls of Congress

The actor and comedian speaks on his work at the AIDSWatch 2019 advocacy event -- and about playing an HIV-positive character.

By Charles Sanchez

Reading Race in 1990s HIV Theater and Film

"Especially in the case of the [white] HIV-positive figures ... in Rent and Angels in America, these queer figures of color serve to remind audiences, 'Well, at least I'm not that,'" Danielle Fuentes Morgan says.

By Kenyon Farrow

The Freddie Mercury Story That Goes Untold in 'Bohemian Rhapsody'

"The film has been dogged by accusations of homophobia," writes Laurie Marhoefer. "But as a gay historian, I keep coming back to something else –- the tragic history that's glaringly absent from this movie."

By Laurie Marhoefer for The Conversation

The Musical 'Rent' Will Be Televised, but Has It Lost Its Potential to Spark Action Against HIV Stigma?

When Rent opened on Broadway in 1996, it was a radical push against the stigma of living with HIV. But can the upcoming live televised production on Fox go beyond shallow sentimentality?

By Charles Sanchez

'POZ ROZ' Wants 'Pozitive' Vibes With New Digital Comedy

This refreshing series following an African-American millennial woman living with HIV avoids the sappy or sentimental.

By George Kevin Jordan

Intergenerational Jealousy and Serodiscordant Black Gay Romance: Creators of Daddyhunt's Season 3 Serial Spill the T

We chatted about all the new developments with principal storyline creators Casey Crawford, Daddyhunt's general manager, and Dan Wohlfeiler, cofounder of Building Healthy Online Communities.

By Tim Murphy

BPM (Beats Per Minute) is the Sexiest Damn Film of 2017\. Period.

"It's tempting to encourage you to tell your friends that this is a movie about gay sex and New Wave music because that isn't a complete lie," Mark S. King writes. "And besides, the maudlin tag of 'AIDS film' is a disservice to BPM."

By Mark S. King for

Running Out of Time

"Stories have the power to move us, to illuminate, and to be transformative," Jeff Berry writes. "[The film] Last Men Standing is a story of tremendous hope, and of dreams lost. It's also a story of resilience, and acceptance."

By Jeff Berry for Positively Aware

Universes Collide: Volunteerism, Charlie Sheen and My Depression -- A Blog Entry by Lynda Arnold

"Instead of opening a national discussion on prevention medicine and the importance of getting into care, the media circus seemed to be more entrenched with the salaciousness of potential wrongdoings and shameful pasts," Arnold writes.

By Lynda Arnold

Making the Most of the Sheen HIV Spotlight: Share the 'New Basics' of HIV -- A Blog Entry by JD Davids

Sheen's story is all about HIV in 2015 -- undetectability, treatment as prevention and PrEP, plus acute and pervasive stigma, fear and threats of criminalization. It's our moment to share these new basics of HIV.

By JD Davids