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Daniel Franzese Advocates for the HIV Community in Hollywood and the Halls of Congress

The actor and comedian speaks on his work at the AIDSWatch 2019 advocacy event -- and about playing an HIV-positive character.

By Charles Sanchez

New Documentary Shows Life After Meth Addiction for Gay Men

'Crystal City' is the latest documentary addressing 'party and play' culture -- and its director hopes it will reduce stigma against people in recovery.

By Tim Murphy

FX Series 'Pose' Brings to Life HIV History Through Black and Latinx Characters

It didn't take long for Pose, the Sunday night FX series created by Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, and Steven Canals, to achieve critical acclaim and become a cultural hit among black and Latinx LGBT communities.

By George Kevin Jordan

Hope Inspires Victory: HIV-Positive Filmmaker Richard Flores

With so many tragedies and challenges in his life, it would have been easy for Richard Flores to give up. Instead, he has become a documentary filmmaker.

By Charles Sanchez

Going XXX: HIV-Positive Activist Jack Mackenroth Comes Into His Own

The former Project Runway contestant and HIV activist makes a foray into adult entertainment.

By Charles Sanchez

After Louie Film Review: An AIDS Survivor, Barely Surviving

Mark S. King reviews director Vincent Gagliostro's semi-autobiographical film starring Alan Cumming as a a shell-shocked gay veteran of the 1980s trying to come to grips with his tragic past.

By Mark S. King for

Embracing My Inner Annie to Combat HIV Stigma

In today's crazy world, "a web series like Merce, which shows someone living with HIV and thriving, surrounded by loving family and friends and living unapologetically, is more important than ever."

By Charles Sanchez

Daring to Be Truthful: Madonna's Dancers and HIV

"When I danced, I wasn't scared. I didn't think I was going to die. I was free."

By Charles Sanchez

What If AIDS Never Happened? Filmmaker Leo Herrera Wants to Tell Us

Charles Sanchez interviews activist and filmmaker Leo Herrera about his new work, FATHERS: Sex and Politics if AIDS Never Happened.

By Charles Sanchez

Ending HIV Stigma: A Blog Entry by Christina Carta

"Treatment works, and many others, as well as myself, have been able to live a normal life with an undetectable viral load," Christina Carta writes. "For anyone wanting to know more about HIV and the reality of living and dealing with HIV, you can wa...

By Christina Carta for Positive Women's Network of the United States of America (PWN-USA)