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NRTI & PI sparing regimen?

Been on HAART for 13 years, undetectable and CD4 always between 300-400. I have also remained on the same regimen since the start and my adherence is excellent. My combo is Epzicom and Viramune. Over the past year I can feel myself in decline as far...

Q&A: Ask the Experts

Myprodol Syrup toddler

Hi from South Africa. My little weekend 4yr old foster son hurt his foot,he cant put much pressure on it. I took him to the doctor, it is swollen but nothing broken. He prescribed Myprodol 2,5ml twice a day for 5 days for the inflammation. I have bee...

Q&A: Ask the Experts

Supposedly a cure to eradicate?But govt doesn't want to release.

Dr.Young, I wanted your thoughts on this. I am undetectable with a good CD4 count on my last labs. I have actually spoken with an HIV Tester/counselor who in his opinion thinks that there already is a cure to completely eradicate HIV. However the gov...

Can Bugs Increase CD4 Cells? A Blog Entry by Nelson Vergel Img

Can Bugs Increase CD4 Cells? A Blog Entry by Nelson Vergel

"Microbiome research is in its infancy, but there is already evidence that an imbalance of gut flora may cause gastrointestinal problems such as irritable bowel syndrome and Crohn's disease."

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dolutegravir vs. raltegravir diarrhea side effect

Dr. Young, Thank you for answering questions in such a kind manner for all of us desperate people who are searching for information. Could you please tell me which one of these integrase inhibitors would be LESS apt. to cause diarrhea. Thanks!

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interaction of medicines

Can i take in the same time acyclovir tablets for herpes zoster while taking combivir and efavirenz for hiv?

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Day 586: Where Am I Now With Treatment (Video)

This video blog is part of the series "My HIV Journey: Videos of My First Months on HIV Meds, and Where I Am Now." Check out a full list of entries in the series.

Five hundred eighty-six days after I was diagnosed with HIV, I reflect on where I am n...

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High white blood count and low CD4

Hi, I have been diagnosed for 4 1/2 years. My CD4 was 30 when I was diagnosed. I had MAC, Kansasii, anemia, and still have peripheral neuropathy. The neuropathy is still pretty bad and I have chronic fatigue. I have been on Atripla since I was diagno...

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From Brazil

Hi doctor, this news was very spoken in the tv in brazil : . I would like to know what do you think about this study. Is it a thruly promising? In your opinium, This is the next ...

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missed doses of meds

I've missed two days worth of doses of Complera. Should I be concerned about possible resistance? I left today's dose at home.