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Greetings from Charleston, SC! Do you know if there will ever be a once-a-day combo of Tivicay+Truvada or, better yet, a combo of Tivicay+Tenofovir alafenamide/emtricitabine ?

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Please dispel the myth that bee venom destroys HIV

Hi Dr. Young, So I'm sure you've read the article that exploded on Facebook (if not, here's the link: about how bee venom destroys HIV, but is there ...

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HIV strain and cure

Dear Ben Hope u are in the best of health. Am from the sunny island of Singapore. Just curious how do different strains of HIV affect people differently. I have seen HIV+ people who are in excellent health and some with very poor health. Could it be ...

Are Long-Acting HIV Medications the Key to Better Adherence? Img

Are Long-Acting HIV Medications the Key to Better Adherence?

"GSK744" is a mouthful of a name, but it's actually an HIV drug that 1) may never need to be taken orally and 2) may not need to be taken more than once a month (if that).

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Atripla with doxycycline, tetracycline, rifampin or streptomycine.

Some years ago, before I got infected, I had Brucellosis, because I work with animals in Mexico, and my doctor gave me these antibiotics. I have read that some medicines have negative effects with Atripla. Now, that I'm HIV+, I don't know if I should...

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Cure or functional cure

Dr. Young, Since last year I hear a lot of "functional cure" and "cure" for hiv. It is a big progress to talk about cure considering how many people die without getting a medication to fight this evil. My question is now when do you think we will hav...

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Combination Medications

What Are Combination Medications? What Are PK Boosters?

Combinations of Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors ("Nukes") Combinations of a Non-Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitor and Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors Combinations With Protea...

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Why we need to be cured definitely

I appreciate very much your optimism and kind words about the current possibilities in treating HIV. However I need to make a provocative question. Why we still need to disclose? Why are we still criminalyzed? Why there's stigma? Why we need to take ...

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Questions for Dr Young

hello, Doctor Young, I have some questions regarding HIV: Could you please explain me this nano-formulated antiretrovirals? (how are they working, why doses decrease advantages disadvantages , etc??) Why docotrs (worldwide) donz give HIV-PEP after un...

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prostratin, can it be a cure for hiv2 as well?

Most of the time we see new drugs are invented and tested in clinical trials to find cure exclusively for hiv1.At the moment all hopes are on the clinical trials of Prostratin as a cure for hiv?I would like to know if it succeeds to eliminate hiv1 wi...