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Giving Back Through Research: A Blog Entry by Ed Perlmutter Img

Giving Back Through Research: A Blog Entry by Ed Perlmutter

"While I may be a drop in the clinical trials study bucket, the blood and other data collected from me is now helping to analyze myriad data as people with HIV age," writes Perlmutter.

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Changing My Genes

Living with AIDS for more than 22 years is a personal accomplishment -- one that I celebrate with my healthcare provider. This achievement has also been a journey that gave me the opportunity to learn more about myself, HIV, my immune system, and oth...

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My Kind of Life: I Was a Viread Guinea Pig

Clinical trials are necessary, but who wants to be a guinea pig? Who wants to take a new chemical formulation that has only been tried on rats and monkeys? I'm far from a rat, despite what some people have said. And while I'm just a few genes away ...

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Going to Extremes to Stay Alive

In 1989 I took care of a lover who was struck by one life-threatening infection after another. I watched as he withered away and eventually lost his mind and died a terrible death. I was diagnosed then too, but was lucky to never get sick. It was a...

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Becoming a Member of the AIDS Clinical Trials Group (ACTG) Community Constituency Group

The Community Constituency Group (CCG) of the ACTG has accepted my application as a new member.

What is the ACTG? The AIDS Clinical Trials Group is the government funded AIDS research effort. As all clinical trials, this group is required to have a ...