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APLA's Writers Workshop Begins Its Second Decade

Three writers -- two men and a woman -- take turns holding a huge prop pencil, as the photographer adjusts the settings of her camera.

That the writers should pose with the pencil -- a symbol of the writing craft -- for an article about AIDS Project...

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Built To Survive: The Book, The Forum

The following article is a review of the book Built To Survive, written by Michael Mooney and Nelson Vergel, both from the Program for Wellness Restoration (PoWeR). On April 2, 2000, the authors presented a workshop on their approach to treating wast...

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Excellent Book on Gay Men's Health

Men Like Us, "the GMHC complete guide to gay men's sexual, physical, and emotional well-being" written by the Gay Men's Health Crisis and Daniel Wolfe (Ballantine Books, April 2000, paperback, 656 pages, $24.95 -- hard cover also available) deals wit...

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An Interview With Daniel Wolfe, author of Men Like Us

Daniel Wolfe The Body recently interviewed Daniel Wolfe, author of Gay Men's Health Crisis' new comprehensive guide to gay men's sexual, physical and emotional well-being. Men Like Us is packed with 630 pages of information specifically geared toward...

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Hemo Homo

Reprinted from The Drag Queen of Elfland (Circlet Press) by permission of the author. The Chelsea Gym has been closed since 1999.

Photographs are by Tomás Gaspar, whose work was featured in the Electric Blanket (Visual AIDS Artistsâ Caucus). In 1998...

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Anabolics, Exercise, Nutrition, Supplements: New Book Available

Built to Survive, by AIDS treatment advocates Michael Mooney and Nelson Vergel, covering anabolic steroids, exercise, nutrition, and popular supplements (especially for preventing or treating HIV-related wasting), was published February 2000. Mooney ...

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AIDS Treatment News: January 7, 2000


2000 Outlook Our look at some important treatment-research directions at this time -- including HIV-specific immunity, antiretroviral development, lipodystrophy, nutrition, and how research could be improved; also a look at some non-re...

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Death & Mourning

An Excerpt From Working With AIDS Bereavement: A Comprehensive Approach for Mental Health Providers

"Helping the AIDS Mourner"(An excerpt from Working With AIDS Bereavement, pages 55-90)

Educational and Support Approaches Bereavement Risk Reduction Counseling Psychotherapy for Complicated Grief Psychiatric and Medical Intervention An ...

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"Sex Acts and Facts: The Risks"

Men Like Us

A Hierarchy of Risks

Receptive Anal Intercourse (Getting Fucked)

Listen to men talk about how they got infected with HIV if it happened recently, and it's often portrayed as a fluke: "The condom broke," "We had oral sex," "He put it in...

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"Sexual Compulsivity"

Men Like Us

The night Terry's mother called me to tell me that he had died, I spent the rest of the night having sex in the basement of a porn theater. I never cried, but I went back every night for three weeks.

I was a mess. I was in parks un...