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I remember spending the week after our first date waiting for the phone to ring, or at least for it to ring with Alby on the other end. I had asked him out, after all, so now it was his turn. But the pain ... I thought about him while I was getting r...

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Sea somersaulted with sky as Matt went upside down in Jack's strong arms. Matt's boyfriend loved to swing Matt head over heels. "Want to take a swim?" Jack teased, rocketing Matt's head down towards the foam that washed up to Jack's feet.

"No, thank...

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Opinion Pieces Respond to Book Discussing Black Men "On the Down Low"

Although the number of new HIV cases among black women has remained stable over the past few years, the number of cases linked to heterosexual sex among black women has increased. Some observers say that the increase in the number of HIV cases linked...

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Newly Updated and Expanded Edition of Built to Survive! Now Available

The third edition of Michael Mooney and Nelson Vergel's Built to Survive!: A Comprehensive Guide to the Medical Use of Anabolic Steroids, Nutrition and Exercise for HIV(+) Men and Women was released last month. This updated and expanded edition con...

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News Analysis

Prevention vs. Treatment?

Global AIDS: Myths and Facts

Moral and Social Crises The Limits of Prevention Treatment/Prevention Synergy Treatment Programs Create Political Leverage HIV/AIDS and Health Care in an Unequal World References

Myth: The best way to control ...

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Personal Stories

Paula Peterson and Griff Butler

Paula Peterson and Griff Butler, with Ben

Paula Peterson Four Years Later Griff Butler

Paula Peterson

When I first learned that I had full-blown AIDS, I thought I was going to die the next day. I felt like my future had been cut off. That was ...

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South Africa

South Africa: New Children's Book Explains AIDS

A green pock-faced monster with red eyes and fangs is the depiction of HIV in a new children's book that seeks to explain the science of AIDS to South African children. In the book, Staying Alive, Fighting HIV/AIDS, colorful pictures and simple text ...

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Personal Stories

Bed and Breakfast, Anyone?

Illustration: Michael Storc

Somehow, somewhere, I picked up the notion that an extended stay in the hospital is some sort of luxurious indulgence, like an all-expense-paid vacation at a particularly sterile Ramada Inn.

I mean, on the surface of it,...

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Johns Hopkins HIV Treatment Short Guide

The 2002 Abbreviated Guide to Medical Management of HIV Infection, by John G. Bartlett, M.D. of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, is a quick reference for medical professionals -- "intended for bedside clinical management decisions. Th...

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Review of The Guide to Living With HIV Infection

Living with a disease as complicated and serious as HIV demands the person(s) affected to empower themselves through all means possible. With that in mind, The Guide to Living With HIV Infection, 5th ed., by John Bartlett, M.D. and Ann Finkbeiner set...