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First Daughter Jenna Bush Launches Book Tour That Aims to Get Teenagers Involved in Issues, Including HIV/AIDS

First daughter Jenna Bush on Saturday in Annapolis, Md., launched a three-month, 25-city tour to promote her nonfiction book, titled "Ana's Story: A Journey of Hope," that profiles a 17-year-old single mother in Panama who is HIV-positive, the Washin...

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Latin America/Caribbean: New Book Raises Awareness About Girls With HIV

The impact of AIDS on the lives of HIV-positive girls in Latin America and the Caribbean is the focus a new book published by the regional chapter of the International Community of Women Living with HIV/AIDS (ICWLHA), with support from UNICEF.


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Why Do Men Bareback? No Easy Answers

An excerpt from Without Condoms: Unprotected Sex, Gay Men & BarebackingRoutledge, 2006, List $31.95

"The terrible thing in this world is that everyone has his reasons."

Octave, The Rules of the Game, Jean Renoir, 1939

Toby, a Passive Bare...

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The Journey Into Spiritual Activism

An excerpt from The After-Death Room: Journey Into Spiritual Activism, published by Soft Skull Press, 2006. To purchase this book, click here. To read or listen to an interview with Michael, click here.

Prologue An Excerpt From Chapter 1: Cape Tow...

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Moving Mountains: The Race to Treat Global AIDS

An excerpt from Moving Mountains: The Race to Treat Global AIDS, Verso, 2006, List $23.00

Part I: Introducing the Global Perspective

1. Moving Mountains


Moving Mountains: The Race to Treat Global AIDSIn 1991, during the Lenten Carnival season ...

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Living With Hepatitis C: A Survivor's Guide

An excerpt from Living with Hepatitis C: A Survivor's Guide (Fourth Edition), Hatherleigh Press, 2006, List $15.95

Overview of HIV Co-Infection

What Is HIV/AIDS? The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) destroys the immune system that helps the body ...

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Not in My Family: AIDS in the African-American Community

Not in My Family: AIDS in the African-American CommunityThe following are excerpts from Not in My Family: AIDS in the African-American Community, published by Agate Publishing in 2006. You can purchase it by clicking here. Or, check out the book's of...

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The Voices Of Teens Living With HIV: How You Can Support Us

An excerpt from Teenagers, HIV and AIDS: Insights From Youths Living With the Virus by Maureen E. Lyon and Lawrence J. D'Angelo, Greenwood Publishing Group, 2006, List $49.95.

The Gift of Love By Michael A. Dowling

Love is a gift That enab...

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HIV Infection and Its Effects on the Emotions

An excerpt from The Guide to Living With HIV Infection, provided with the permission of The Johns Hopkins University Press (2006). To purchase the book, click here.

The Guide to Living With HIV Infection

Anger and Energy Depression and Hope Fat...

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"Right Back Where We Started"

What would you do if the person that you've loved and cared for over the last 20 years miraculously emerged from their coma? Where do you begin to tell the story of what has happened in the world? That's the problem facing Anthony Cipporelli in Right...