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The Compassionate Truce of Tim Murphy's Novel Christodora

"In the towering new novel Christodora, author Tim Murphy harnesses decades of personal and professional experience as an HIV journalist into a story that sweeps back and forth between the last several decades and beyond," Mark S. King writes.

By Mark S. King for

For My Friend Luis López-Detrés: 'Relentless'

Moisés Agosto-Rosario dedicated this short story to Luis Lopez-Detres, who died suddenly on September 9. It was inspired by a song Luis wanted Moisés to hear and dance to with him.

By Moises Agosto-Rosario

Dear JK Rowling: Being a Werewolf Is Not Like Having HIV

Becoming a werewolf turns this Harry Potter character into an uncontrollable killer who needs to be isolated. Now JK Rowling says it's a metaphor for HIV. Not the best way to combat stigma, writes Becky Allen.

By Becky Allen

Recovering From Meth, Rebuilding a Sex Life: A Blog Entry by Mark S. King

Mark S. King recognized himself on page after page of a new book on gay men and crystal meth, including the fusing of sexuality and addiction, stumbling blocks of recovery and the deep shame that haunts active addiction and the recovery process.

By Mark S. King for

A Perspective More Personal: New Book to Feature a Decade of Early AIDS Activists' Portraits

"It was camaraderie. I think there was a lot of love. Even though people yelled at each other, it was still a common cause that everybody was around. So it was like family."

By JD Davids

Our Problem With Being "CURED" of HIV: A Blog Entry by Mark S. King

In the late 1980s, I let this odd, fussy man into my office at LA Shanti, my first AIDS agency job. He seemed earnest and harmless and he just wanted a few minutes of my time. "I have the cure for AIDS," he politely announced. Sadly, he wasn't the fi...

By Mark S. King for

HIV and Baby Makes Three Busts Pregnancy Myths With True Life Stories

When Heather Boerner found out that serodiscordant couples could have safe, condomless sex to conceive a child, she knew she had to share these couples' stories.

By Mathew Rodriguez

HIV-Positive Cover Girl?

Openly HIV-positive Paige Rawl is a finalist for Seventeen Magazine's Pretty Amazing Real Cover Girl Contest. Voting is open until Aug. 1.

By Positive Women's Network of the United States of America (PWN-USA)

HIV Meets the Comic Book Universe: 10 Notable Moments

When HIV came along and began to ravage gay communities, many comic book creators struggled with how to present the epidemic.

By Mathew Rodriguez

The Truth Is Bad Enough: What Became of the Happy Hustler?

The story behind the title of Michael Kearns' memoir The Truth is Bad Enough is as delicious as the title itself. As Kearns' parents -- themselves worthy of a Tennessee Williams subplot -- battled each other at their divorce proceeding when Michael w...

By Mark S. King for