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Caring for a Loved One with AIDS: Renegotiating the Relationship

Excerpted with permission from the University of Washington Press, from Caring for a Loved One with AIDS: The Experience of Families, Lovers, and Friends

The bottom line of family caregiving is a relationship between two people. Usually, they know e...

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Death & Mourning

On Tragedy and the Death of a Son

Brad Schow H. Wayne Schow

This excerpt is reprinted by permission of Signature Books from H. Wayne Schow's book, Remembering Brad: On the Loss of a Son to AIDS.

"So quick bright things come to confusion."

-- A Midsummer Night's Dream

In comm...

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Death & Mourning

Opening to Death

An excerpt from Who Dies? by Stephen Levine. Copyright © 1982 by Stephen Levine. Used by permission of Doubleday, a division of Bantam Doubleday Dell Publishing Group, Inc,

Today, approximately 200,000 people died. Some died by a...