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Finding Your Voice; Speaking Your Truth

This is an article about writing, and how important it is to write what's in your heart and mind, especially if you have a challenge like HIV. I can't write about how it feels to be HIV-positive, because I've been spared that diagnosis so far. But I ...

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Review of AIDS and the Impact of Cognitive Impairment: A Treatment Guide for Mental Health Providers

AIDS and the Impact of Cognitive Impairment is an excellent resource for mental health providers in understanding all relevant biological, psychological, neurocognitive, and social factors associated with HIV-related illness. The tenet of this book i...

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Review of Strong Shadows: Scenes From an Inner City AIDS Clinic

W.H. Freeman & Co., New York, 1995243 pages; $22.95

Goethe said, "There is strong shadow where there is much light." One can hardly bear the brilliance and intensity of the light, nor the darkness and despair of the shadows, which pour from the ...

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Review of Healing Words: The Power of Prayer and the Practice of Medicine

Harper Collins, San Francisco, 1993291 pages; $22.00

All of us who are involved in providing comfort and strength for people afficted with AIDS ought to think about the power of prayer and the practice of medicine. Thanks to Larry Dossey, MD, we now...

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Review of The Private Science of Louis Pasteur

Princeton University Press378 pages; $29.95

In writing The Private Science of Louis Pasteur, Gerald Geison has produced not just a book but a historical treatise. The strength of this work comes from its basis in fact--primarily, Louis Pasteur's own...

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The Psychological Epidemic

Excerpt from The Shadow of the Epidemic: Being HIV-Negative in the Age of AIDS by Walt Odets, published by Duke University Press, September 1995. Copyright 1995 by Duke University Press. Available in paperback $14.95 plus $3.00 postage and handling. ...

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How Should I Act Around People with AIDS?

This excerpt is reprinted by permission of Jossey-Bass Inc., Publishers,from What Everyone Can Do to Fight AIDS,by Anne Garwood and Ben Melnick.

We get nervous. We avoid the subject. We look away. We don't want to know. We may not like to admit this...

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Excerpts from Being a Blessing -- 54 Ways You Can Help People Living with AIDS

Understand What It Means to Be Created in the Image of God Learn How Language Has an Impact on the Lives of People Living with AIDS Pray/Meditate with People Living with AIDS

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Mind & Body

Excerpt from The Immune Power Personality: 7 Traits You Can Develop to Stay Healthy

"Before long, medical researchers may discover that the human brain has a natural drive to sustain the life process and to potentiate the entire body in the fight against pain and disease. When that knowledge is developed, the art and practice of med...

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Excerpts from The Death Cycle Machine

Charlotte Mayerson wrote The Death Cycle Machine in response to the death of her son, the journalist Robert Henry Mayerson, who died of AIDS-related causes in 1990. Ms. Mayerson's other books include Home Fires, An Easy Life, Two Blocks Apart, and Go...