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Loved Ones in Prison? Get Them Copies of This Amazing Prison Health Magazine

Turn It Up!: Staying Strong Inside is the Sero Project's publication for (and partly written by) people in prison.

By Tim Murphy

Archive Remembers Heroes and History of Black HIV/AIDS Activism

Through his historical research, Dan Royles has found a vibrant legacy of black AIDS activism going back to the beginning of the epidemic.

By George Kevin Jordan

Non-Binary Sensation Jeffrey Marsh Wants You to Love You

The gender non-binary influencer and author of 'How to Be You' talks to TheBody about the evolving language of gender and its similarities to ideas about living with HIV.

By Charles Sanchez

Brian Belovitch's Journey Through HIV and His Full-Circle Transgender Experience

Diagnosed with HIV in 1987 while living as a trans woman in New York City, long-term survivor Brian Belovitch documents his life and journey in a new memoir.

By JD Davids

'Stonewall Strong': John-Manuel Andriote's Take on Resilience in the Face of HIV

Author John-Manuel Andriote tells inspiring stories of his own experiences and pivotal happenings in LGBTQ history in the past hundred years, showing how often the gay community has been bold, loving, strong, victorious, and resilient.

By Charles Sanchez

What's the Future of HIV Criminalization Activism? An Interview With Trevor Hoppe

After 30-plus years of states using laws to criminalize people living with HIV for exposure or transmission, the movement to change these laws has gained momentum. Trevor Hoppe, Ph.D., discusses the history and present-day activism.

By Kenyon Farrow

Are We Punishing Diseases or Punishing People? An Interview With Trevor Hoppe

Should we use criminal law to address infectious disease? Is criminal punishment an appropriate response to a public health matter such as HIV? These are the central questions in a new book by Trevor Hoppe, Ph.D.

By Kenyon Farrow

The Pox Lover: An Activist's Decade in New York and Paris

Anne-christine d'Adesky has selected an excerpt from her new memoir drawn from the author's 1990s diaries.

By Anne-christine d'Adesky

Now Hear This -- Recommended Reading

Two new releases, and one essential guide from 2015, round out Positively Aware's list of must-reads for the New Year.

By Positively Aware

Examining Death, Including the One I Caused: A Blog Entry by Mark S. King

"Chris Glaser's beliefs are many and steadfast, but his faith in love is his most unyielding conviction," Mark S. King writes.

By Mark S. King for