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Carrying the 'Torch': Broadway Director Moisés Kaufman Talks About a Post-AIDS 'Torch Song'

The passionate and prolific director talks about what it took to get this new version of the play mounted.

By Charles Sanchez

Hip-Hop and HIV -- One Rap Song's Positive Message Still Holds True

"This song is more than a protest. It deals with the prejudices surrounding HIV and AIDS as well as having an educational angle," Adam de Paor-Evans writes.

By Adam de Paor-Evans for The Conversation

The History of HIV/AIDS in One Astonishing Poem

Mary Bowman's words manage to capture the entire history of the epidemic -- and they paint gorgeous verbal pictures along the way.

By Mark S. King for

'Germ City' Exhibit Covers HIV and Other Pandemics' Impact on New York City

The Museum of the City of New York has just opened a new multimedia exhibit examining the impact of disease outbreaks on cities and how during various eras people understood, interpreted, and ultimately fought to save lives and end pandemics.

By Kenyon Farrow

A Play About AIDS Wins Tony Awards, and No One Says 'HIV'

AIDS should have been center stage at the Tony Awards this year with big wins for the revival of Angels In America, a play about gay men dying of HIV in the 1980s. Except, none of the winners actually mentioned the word.

By Jason Lydon

VAVA VOOM: Visual AIDS Hosts Vanguard Award Honors

The 13th annual Visual AIDS Vanguard Awards (VAVA VOOM) gala honored the careers and achievements of artists and community members who through their work, talent, and dedication strengthen the cultural history of art, AIDS, and activism in our commun...

By Charles Sanchez

National Book Award Finalist Danez Smith Discusses Writing One's Whole Self: Black, Queer, HIV Positive

"The more I learn to live with my own complexity and contradictions, the more I'm willing to also allow those contradictions to be seen in the work," states poet Danez Smith.

By Jamal Lewis

South African Artist Spends Month as Curator With Visual AIDS

Although he is a painter, digital artist, and print maker, MC Roodt works in both the art and health arenas. "I started out as an artist, actually, but very quickly moved into community spaces."

By Charles Sanchez

Youth in Motion: Thomas Davis Uses Dance to Combat HIV Stigma and Create Community

Thomas Davis has been living with HIV since 2013 and he has turned dance into a platform for self expression, motivation, and to end HIV stigma.

By AIDS United