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A Play in NYC Wittily Explores the Emotional Toll on HIV Plague-Era Survivors

'Still at Risk' is about long-term survivors, but it's for younger gay men too.

By Tim Murphy

Exhibit in New York Unearths 1990s Activism by HIV-Positive Women in Prison

"Women are dying in here, and we need some advocacy and support," AIDS activist Joann Walker wrote from prison decades ago. 'Metanoia' features Walker, her contemporaries, and currently active women of color AIDS advocates.

By Tim Murphy

Young, Gifted, and Black: Dancer Thomas Davis and His HIV Catharsis

Since being diagnosed with HIV at age 20, Thomas Davis has used his dance talent to educate and advocate.

By Charles Sanchez

Jordan Eagles Uses Life's Blood in Life's Work

Many creative folk say that art is in their blood. For Jordan Eagles, blood is in his art -- not simply as an artistic tool, but as a precious, universal life force.

By Charles Sanchez

Carrying the 'Torch': Broadway Director Moisés Kaufman Talks About a Post-AIDS 'Torch Song'

The passionate and prolific director talks about what it took to get this new version of the play mounted.

By Charles Sanchez

National Book Award Finalist Danez Smith Discusses Writing One's Whole Self: Black, Queer, HIV Positive

"The more I learn to live with my own complexity and contradictions, the more I'm willing to also allow those contradictions to be seen in the work," states poet Danez Smith.

By Jamal Lewis

South African Artist Spends Month as Curator With Visual AIDS

Although he is a painter, digital artist, and print maker, MC Roodt works in both the art and health arenas. "I started out as an artist, actually, but very quickly moved into community spaces."

By Charles Sanchez

Youth in Motion: Thomas Davis Uses Dance to Combat HIV Stigma and Create Community

Thomas Davis has been living with HIV since 2013 and he has turned dance into a platform for self expression, motivation, and to end HIV stigma.

By AIDS United

Hot Guys and Heroes: HIV-Positive Artist George Towne

George Towne is an artist living with HIV. And he likes to paint hot guys. And landscapes that hot guys frequent.

By Charles Sanchez