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Exhibit in New York Unearths 1990s Activism by HIV-Positive Women in Prison

"Women are dying in here, and we need some advocacy and support," AIDS activist Joann Walker wrote from prison decades ago. 'Metanoia' features Walker, her contemporaries, and currently active women of color AIDS advocates.

By Tim Murphy

The Musical 'Rent' Will Be Televised, but Has It Lost Its Potential to Spark Action Against HIV Stigma?

When Rent opened on Broadway in 1996, it was a radical push against the stigma of living with HIV. But can the upcoming live televised production on Fox go beyond shallow sentimentality?

By Charles Sanchez

Jordan Eagles Uses Life's Blood in Life's Work

Many creative folk say that art is in their blood. For Jordan Eagles, blood is in his art -- not simply as an artistic tool, but as a precious, universal life force.

By Charles Sanchez

A Play About AIDS Wins Tony Awards, and No One Says 'HIV'

AIDS should have been center stage at the Tony Awards this year with big wins for the revival of Angels In America, a play about gay men dying of HIV in the 1980s. Except, none of the winners actually mentioned the word.

By Jason Lydon

VAVA VOOM: Visual AIDS Hosts Vanguard Award Honors

The 13th annual Visual AIDS Vanguard Awards (VAVA VOOM) gala honored the careers and achievements of artists and community members who through their work, talent, and dedication strengthen the cultural history of art, AIDS, and activism in our commun...

By Charles Sanchez

Youth in Motion: Thomas Davis Uses Dance to Combat HIV Stigma and Create Community

Thomas Davis has been living with HIV since 2013 and he has turned dance into a platform for self expression, motivation, and to end HIV stigma.

By AIDS United

The Erotic Militarism of AIDS Activist Art

While ACT UP protested for better access to HIV medications in the late 1980s and '90s, artists loosely affiliated with the activist organization were producing some of the most iconic -- and controversial -- images of their time.

By Rick Guasco for Positively Aware

Lonely Planet, a Play About HIV and Friendship, Still Resonates

The lesser known 1990s play about HIV still has a lot to say.

By Charles Sanchez

Look Here! Beautiful Images From 30 Years of Philadelphia AIDS Activism

"Still Fighting for Our Lives," an exhibition running through Dec. 31 at Philadelphia's William Way LGBT Center, showcases part of the collection amassed by the city's acclaimed AIDS Library.

By Tim Murphy

AIDS, Art, Performance and a Fabulous Evening Downtown

VAVA VOOM is Visual AIDS' dazzling spring benefit to honor and support artists living with HIV and fighting the epidemic.

By Charles Sanchez