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Exhibit in New York Unearths 1990s Activism by HIV-Positive Women in Prison

"Women are dying in here, and we need some advocacy and support," AIDS activist Joann Walker wrote from prison decades ago. 'Metanoia' features Walker, her contemporaries, and currently active women of color AIDS advocates.

By Tim Murphy

Imprisoned HIV Activist Creates Beauty Behind Bars

There was a time when Brian Carmichael saw a piece of metal and thought, "Man, that would make a mean knife." Now, he spots discarded cardboard and thinks, "Man, I could make a really beautiful vase out of that."

By Victoria Law

Hamlet Behind Bars: Appreciated for Our Talents, Not Judged for Past Actions

"Why would visitors keep coming back year after year to see 'some inmates' convicted of horrible crimes perform Shakespeare?" Hinkhouse writes. "Apparently there are people in society that understand mistakes are made and we are still human beings de...

By Tim Hinkhouse

A Gift From the World of Music: A Blog Entry by Tim Hinkhouse

"Do you ever notice that there are songs that will resonate all the way to your soul and make you feel so great that there isn't anything or anyone who can spoil your mood?," Tim asks. "That is truly a gift from that world of music."

By Tim Hinkhouse