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Proof Positive: How African Science Has Demonstrated That HIV Causes AIDS

Bitoke Bisalile, Uganda -- It had to be witchcraft. For more than a year, Matia Katongole just kept getting thinner. His stepmother remembers his feet: As the bones showed through ever more sharply, they seemed to elongate.

Matia's family decided, w...

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South Africa "AIDS Dissident" Dispute

A bizarre dispute around "AIDS dissidents" who argue that HIV does not cause AIDS and oppose standard treatment to prevent maternal-infant transmission threatens to damage the World AIDS Conference in Durban (July 9-14, 2000) and divert attention fro...

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A Woman's Work: How HIV Caught Fire in South Africa (Part Two)

Hlabisa, South Africa -- Handsome, soft-spoken Bongani is one of 3.6 million people infected with HIV in South Africa, which has one of the world's fastest-growing AIDS epidemics. As a gold miner working 300 miles from his rural home, he is also part...

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All That Glitters: How HIV Caught Fire in South Africa (Part One)

Carletonville, South Africa -- Nomsa Mogweba got in the truck with her two children and rode along until the driver said she should get out. She didn't hitch another ride because she figured she was far enough away from the powerful member of the fam...