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Nelson Mandela, Jimmy Carter, Bill Gates Fight AIDS

Former South African President Nelson Mandela joined former President Carter and Bill Gates Sr., the father of Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates, Thursday in the battle against Africa's AIDS epidemic. At a function staged at the Zola clinic in Soweto,...

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South African Union Boss Demands Government Supply Anti-AIDS Drugs

The head of the powerful Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) challenged the South African government last week to provide anti-retroviral drugs to nearly five million South Africans living with HIV/AIDS. Willy Madisha, president of COSATU...

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Pfizer Will Soon Ship Supply to South Africa of AIDS-Related Drug

Pfizer will soon be donating a drug to South Africa that fights cryptococcal meningitis and other fungal infections common to AIDS patients. The initiative is part of a $50 million humanitarian program for HIV and AIDS patients. Pfizer noted that it ...

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South Africa: Historic "Defiance Campaign" Imports Generic Fluconazole

This week South Africa's Treatment Action Committee (TAC), the major HIV treatment activist group in the country, defied patent laws by importing generic fluconazole from Thailand, where TAC purchased it more than 50 times cheaper than the South Afr...

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What Happened in Durban? A South African Perspective

Durban, South Africa's port city on the Indian Ocean, sits at the epicenter of one of the world's largest and most complex HIV epidemics. Like South Africa's other major cities, it encompasses a mix of the first and the third world. Interspersed amon...

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Impressions From South Africa: A Personal Perspective

Even now, two months after the close of the 13th International AIDS Conference in South Africa, I still sense a certain feeling of bewilderment among my medical colleagues about all that happened. Being exposed to the harsh reality of life in South A...

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Being There: Durban Delegates Return Stateside, Fired Up and Ready to Jump Back Into the Fray

A Mouse Roars

"The answer does not lie with donations or price cuts from drug companies but rather with the mass production of quality generics. This could result in the cost of a year's antiretroviral treatment being cut to a mere $200 a year."


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Taking It to the Street: Thousands Strong, Fledgling South African Activist Group Send Tremors Around the Globe

"Defiance Campaign" in the Offing

Sunday afternoon as the Durban conference was just gearing up, some five thousand demonstrators singing, chanting and dancing marched from Durban City Hall to the stadium, calling on world pharmaceutical makers to...

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Denial Defeated, Hope Reigns

The 13th International Conference on AIDS, held in Durban, South Africa, proved to be both the most important and the most unusual meeting since the earliest days of AIDS. This is the first time that the huge international meeting has been held in th...

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Lost Opportunity: South African President Hedges on Cause of AIDS, Ignores Access to Medicine

Durban, South Africa, July 9 -- South African president Thabo Mbeki fumbled a prime opportunity tonight to galvanize his country against its greatest threat. HIV has infected almost a fifth of the adult population here. Yet, in an eagerly awaited spe...