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South Africa's HIV Infections Fall to 5.4 Million: Government

On Thursday, South Africa's deputy president responded to a parliamentary request for an update on national HIV/AIDS efforts. AIDS-related deaths are down, he said, but getting a handle on new infections continues to be a struggle.

"South Africa has...

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Human Rights Watch: Maternal Deaths Quadruple in South Africa

Poor governance, corruption, and abuse in South Africa's health care system contribute to its high maternal death total of some 4,500 women annually, according to Human Rights Watch. A new HRW report documents care failures, abuse of maternity patien...

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South Africa to Test All HIV Patients for TB

South African health officials said Wednesday they want to begin screening all HIV patients for TB. The officials also said they are working on three drug regimens to treat drug-resistant TB, and they are testing four vaccines, which they hope to rel...

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Education: "People Are Afraid to Touch Them"

Oxford University and South African researchers are working on a two-year study of child caregivers in families affected by HIV/AIDS. More than 7,000 people in three South African provinces -- about 6,000 children and 1,500 guardians -- will be inter...

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Challenge to South Africa's Policies on HIV-Infected

A new report urges South Africa to reconsider its policy of deporting migrants infected with HIV and other life-threatening illnesses.

In "Returned to Risk: Deportation of HIV-Positive Migrants," Human Rights Watch, Deutsche AIDS-Life, the European ...

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Anglo American Says 18 Percent of Southern African Staff HIV-Positive

South Africa's largest employer reported this week that about 14,500 of its employees in southern Africa, 18 percent of its workforce in the region, are HIV-positive. Anglo American said about 7,400 people, or 51 percent of those needing treatment, a...

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South Africa Minister Says World Cup May Increase HIV/AIDS

As South Africa prepares to host the next World Cup -- June 11-July 11, 2010 -- the nation's health minister has warned that the huge event could further the spread of HIV/AIDS. Speaking before the national AIDS council, Aaron Motsoaledi said, "2010 ...

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South Africa: NGOs Cutting Back or Closing Down as Donor Funds Dry Up

The global economic downturn has shrunk funding for many non-governmental organizations that assist HIV-positive persons and other disadvantaged populations, even as demand for the NGOs' services is spiking.

"We've had a 20 percent decrease in fundi...

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South Africa: Returning Sick -- HIV, Illness, Death and Migration

While migration in South Africa is commonly thought of as rural to urban, the number of ill or seriously ill HIV/AIDS patients who return home to the rural Eastern Cape from Cape Town indicates the traffic goes both ways.

Patricia Fekema, a communit...

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South Africa: Bringing HIV Testing Where It's Needed

Since May 2008, the Tutu Tester mobile clinic has offered testing for HIV and other conditions in Cape Town neighborhoods, serving more than 7,000 people from a rainbow-colored camper-van. Among those testing for HIV, 45 percent were first-time teste...