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In Tijuana, Caravan Migrants Met With Xenophobia and HIV Discrimination but Find Support

As the U.S. government shutdown carries on for nearly a month over border wall funding, many migrants caught in Tijuana amid discrimination get support from a steadfast HIV organization.

By Giuliani Alvarenga

Mexico: Supreme Court Finds Veracruz Law Criminalising 'Wilful Transmission' of HIV and STIs to Be Unconstitutional

Following a Constitutional challenge Mexico's Supreme Court of Justice found an amendment to Article 158 of the Penal Code of the State of Veracruz to be invalid as it violates a number of fundamental rights.

By HIV Justice Network

A Look at Mexico: HIV, Gender, Migration and Criminalization

Most people diagnosed with HIV in Mexico in 2015 already had progressed to AIDS, advocates note. How do gender, stigma and criminalization, as well as immigration and migration, shape the Mexican HIV/AIDS experience, and how are advocates taking acti...

By Victoria Law

Using Respondent-Driven Sampling in a Hidden Population at Risk of HIV Infection: Who Do HIV-Positive Recruiters Recruit?

Respondent-driven sampling (RDS), a network-based method used to recruit hidden populations, is prone to bias. "However, these biases could facilitate recruitment of high-risk networks," according to the authors, who examined recruitment patterns of ...

By CDC National Prevention Information Network

Inspired and "At Home" in Mexico City

Being a woman of Mexican descent, born in the U.S., I felt very proud and honored to be part of the conference and to represent WORLD. My mother is from Mexico, so even though it was my first time to visit Mexico City, I felt at home among people who...

By Sylvia Young, Latina Peer Advocate and Lotus Project trainer for WORLD for Women Organized to Respond to Life-Threatening Diseases

AIDS in Mexico

AIDS is primarily a sexually transmitted disease (STD) intimately related to the sexuality of individuals and populations. In Mexico, as in other countries, AIDS has become a complex healthcare challenge, with many psychological, social, ethical, eco...

By Patricia Uribe Zúñiga, M.D. for International Association of Physicians in AIDS Care