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Lack of Information Spreads Epidemics in North Korea

Working in reclusive North Korea presents particular challenges to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria, according to a senior fund official.

"We don't know much about AIDS in North Korea, and there are no official figures about AIDS in Nor...

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Official: UN Chief Asks South Korea to Lift HIV Test Requirement for Foreign Teachers

During a visit to South Korea last week, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon asked Prime Minister Kim Hwang-sik to end HIV testing requirements for foreign teachers. In January, South Korea lifted travel bans for most non-nationals with HIV/AIDS. Ban, a...

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South Korea: 60 Percent of Teens Engage in Unprotected Sex

A 2008 survey of 75,238 South Korean adolescents found 5.1 percent reported they had had sexual intercourse. And of them, just 41 percent used a contraceptive, Korea’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced on Monday.

Sexual activity w...

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South Korea: Sex Counseling for Senior Citizens Needed, Survey Shows

Korea's elderly are sexually active and in need of information tailored to their age group, according to a recent study.

In an investigation by researchers from the University of Seoul, 28 percent of 441 men and 581 women age 65 or older said they h...

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AIDS Support Center Opens in Itaewon, South Korea

The Korea UNAIDS Information Support Center has opened recently in Itaewon, Seoul, to provide foreign residents with information and counseling on the disease. "Due to the language barrier, it was difficult for immigrants in Korea to obtain knowledge...

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Changing Attitude Toward Sex Threatens South Korea

In South Korea, conservative mores discourage frank discussion about sex and some people say promiscuity and adultery are less common than in other Asian countries. Many health experts say society's renunciation of promiscuity is a major reason why S...

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Korea: HIV Infections Rise by 20 Percent

The number of Koreans who are infected with HIV is on the rise, according to a study released by the nation's National Institute of Health on Thursday. Between January and September this year, 277 people have tested HIV-positive, increasing the total...