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Cuba COVID-19

While the U.S. Squanders Its Global Leadership Role, Cuba Is Stepping Up to the Plate on COVID-19

The island is hoping its leadership in public health, medicine, and biomedical research will transform its economic situation and global status.

Life With HIV in Cuba Img

Life With HIV in Cuba

"The country is still under a dictatorship and although treatment and care for those living with HIV is more civilized than it was in the past, people there are still being controlled," David Durán writes.

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Cuba: Drag Queens and Volunteers Promote Safe Sex

The "Canto a la Vida" (Song to Life) gala at the Fausto Theater in Havana was one of several local events marking World AIDS Day recently. The event, which featured the drag queen Margot Parapar, was organized by Cuba's National Center for Sex Educat...

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AIDS and Human Rights in Cuba: A Personal Memoir

As the plane taking me to the Second Latin American AIDS Conference on HIV/AIDS was getting ready to land in Havana, Cuba on April 6, 2003, I was reading an article from the American Foundation for AIDS Research's AmFAR Treatment Insider by Anne-Ch...