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AIDS 2018: The Good and the Bad

"At this year's International AIDS Conference ... we witnessed several pivotal developments in the global HIV response," Sean Hosein writes. "We also saw some setbacks in our efforts to prevent infections and improve the lives of people living with H...

By Sean R. Hosein for Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange

U=U and Canada's Overly Broad Criminalization of HIV Nondisclosure

Canada has the dubious distinction of being a world "leader," after Russia and the U.S., in prosecuting people living with HIV.

By Nicholas Caivano and Sandra Ka Hon Chu for Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange

Report Reveals Long-Standing Anti-Black Bias in Canadian HIV Criminalization Reporting

To end racial bias and misinformation in Canadian HIV criminalization stories, journalists must draw on the expertise of people with HIV, HIV service organizations and human rights advocates, researchers suggest.

By Olivia G. Ford

Canada: In Nova Scotia, Glimmers of Hope for Science in the Prosecution of HIV Non-Disclosure

Despite very few prosecutions, Nova Scotia has become an interesting place in Canada with respect to the criminalization of HIV non-disclosure.

By Cécile Kazatchkine for HIV Justice Network

Fewer Deaths, Longer Lives

CATIE charts the journey in Canada from a high prevalence of HIV-related deaths in the early days of the HIV epidemic to today's much higher life expectancy.

By Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange

Treatment Milestones

1981The first reports of what will become known as AIDS among gay men and people who use injection drugs.1984French scientists, led by Françoise Barré-Sinoussi, identify the virus responsible for causing AIDS: HIV.1987The US Food and Drug Administrat...

By Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange

Smoke Signals: Medical Marijuana in Canada

Thousands of people living with HIV in Canada find cannabis critical for managing their illness -- for appetite stimulation, weight gain and relief from nausea, pain, anxiety and depression. Rosa Colavito-Palao, a therapist at Nine Circles Community ...

By Peter Carlyle-Gordge for Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange

What It Means to Be Undetectable

Bob Leahy of sat down with AIDS Vancouver to discuss their new campaign, which discusses the importance of being undetectable.

By Bob Leahy for

Canada: People With HIV Encourage Others to Take Their Medication

This article was reported by CBC News Edmonton.

CBC News Edmonton reported that a new video produced by Megan Lefebvre, a PhD candidate with the School of Public Health at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada, features positive stories of f...

By CDC National Prevention Information Network

Canada: Mobile App a High-Tech Approach to Teaching Safe Sex

This article was reported by CBC News Saskatoon.

CBC News Saskatoon reported that a new smartphone application called Keep It Safe, created by the Saskatchewan Prevention Institute, will launch later this month in an effort to get safe sex messages ...

By CDC National Prevention Information Network