HIV/AIDS Outside the U.S.

Lyle Muns speaks with Mark S. King
Sex Workers

Sex Worker Lyle Muns on the Emancipation of People With HIV

"My time in Amsterdam for the 2018 International AIDS Conference has proven that this fascinating city is certainly more 'sex positive' than most," Mark S. King notes.

By Mark S. King

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Advocates Aren’t Happy About Drug-Patent Language in the Updated UNAIDS Document That Sets the Global AIDS Agenda

They say the U.S. nixed terminology that would have made it easier for middle- and low-income countries to manufacture and obtain less expensive HIV drugs—despite Biden’s COVID patent signals.

By Tim Murphy
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The Unequal COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout Divide: Turn Grief Into Rage

Like the treatment divide of the early HIV/AIDS crisis, the uneven distribution of COVID-19 vaccines poses a global threat.

By Tuyishime Claire Gasamagera
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‘Our Work Is Not Done’: The True Story of America’s Response to HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa

In ‘To End a Plague,’ Emily Bass chronicles the history of PEPFAR and the activists who moved then-President George W. Bush to take action.

By Terri Wilder, M.S.W.

In Mexico, an HIV-Positive Man’s Death Sparks Protests for Reform

In the wake of a brutal alleged murder, activists have united to repeal HIV criminalization laws, get hate crime legislation on the books, and fill gaps in HIV treatment access.

By Tim Murphy
Deborah Birx, M.D.
News Analysis

Leaderless for More Than a Year, the U.S. Effort to Fight Global AIDS Faces a Foggy Future

With its powerful former head Deborah Birx, M.D., now retired after her Trump-era COVID fumble, the program awaits a new top dog—and perhaps a new life.

By Tim Murphy

What the Heck Happened to Zambia's Condoms?

Alleged corruption has caused countless health risks and an increase in stigma against condom use in Zambia, where HIV rates are still high.

By Audrey Natsai Simango

Is Lockdown the Ideal Time to Test for HIV and Other STIs at Home?

European organizations weigh in on what’s worked for home testing programs over the past year.

By Emmett Patterson
Zimbabwe phone

Some Zimbabwean Health Care Workers are Violating the Privacy of People With HIV

Data leaks can lead to missed medications, illness, HIV drug resistance, and even worse stigma against people living with HIV.

By Nyasha Bhobo
queer men UK

The Requisite Project Is Mobilizing U.K. Queer Men of Color to Take Charge of Their Sexual Wellness

A new U.K.-based initiative is creating a groundswell of action around the sexual health of queer men of color.

By Emmett Patterson
SARS protests

The Nigerian Police Special Anti-Robbery Squad Is Also a Danger to Nigerians With HIV

This violent police unit has allegedly killed tens of thousands of Nigerians, tortured LGBTQ people, and stolen from its victims. And under lockdown, it’s been keeping people from their HIV meds.

By Ugonna-Ora Owoh