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Late ARS = late seroconversion

Has there been any study conducted as to why people becomr HIV+ at 6 months test instead of 3 months? Do people who become hiv+ at 6 months tend to go through the ARS later than the 2- 6 week window, such as 4 months? Thanks.

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What percentage new patients become undetectable

I know that there are all kinds of new weapons to fight HIV today to make people undetectable but that there are many different strains of the virus. What percentage of new USA patients are able to become undetectable today?

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Full blown aids

My mother is full blown. Was admitted in the hospital and had to get. 3pt blood. Now she's home. And the fever keep coming and going, vomiting. And she's crying out of pain. WHAT'S Is Going On With My Mother. Am I loosing her.

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Hiv tooth abscess

Hi im undetectable hiv positive patient and i have learned that i have a tooth abscess one of my molar tooth and also that abcess had found a way to open in my mouth and had a fistule I concern that what if that fistulas pus have more hiv virus than ...

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Mantoux TB test , fnac test for neck

Induration 18mm, erythema 19mm, fnac test not taken, example if fnac test is positive what is the actual health issue, could u please tell me and give suggestions

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New hiv vaccine

Sir, I read about new hiv vaccine which was targeted on gp120 and it was successful experimented on rabbit. Could u plz tell me if this is successful on humans what type of drug it is. I mean is it useful for who are already infected with hiv or it m...

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Cd4 24 and VL 1 million, worried...

Hi there! Im having a really bad time... Ive been with my partner for 12 years and recently he was diagnosed HIV+ because of his severe fatigue, fever, flu, he was very sick, the first lab test showed a viral load more than 1 million and 24 CD4 count...

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cd4count is only 8

My mothers cd4 counts are only 8.remains what to do in this serious condition

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Living with the disease

How long is the life expectancy of someone who has the disease?