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Dental implants

Hello Dr. Holodnity: I just had a molar extracted this week. No complications. Healing going well. My Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon (20 yrs. MD and DDS) is hesitant to recommend a dental implant being that I am in a high-risk category patient for proced...

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Long term medication

Hi, If medication can make viral load undetectable, and one is adherent, then what causes viral load to increase at some point later in life? I mean why cant the medication always keep the viral load undetectable? And if it did that, then wouldnt thi...

Why Are Only Some Viruses Transmissible by Blood and How Are They Actually Spread? Img

Why Are Only Some Viruses Transmissible by Blood and How Are They Actually Spread?

Why is it only some viruses are transmissible by blood, and how does the virus actually move from person to person?

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I understand HIV+ persons have greater chance of getting listeriosis because of the weak immune systems. If you are undetectable and taking your meds religiously is your immune system still considered to be weak.

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PEP toxicity

By mistake for the last 5 days I have taken tenofovir 600 mg and lamivudine 600 mg every day as pep. Now I realise my mistake and read about kidney failure due to tenofovir. What should I do now? Should I continue normal dose for the coming 23 days? ...

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My Brother was recently been treated for TB menigitis

He started TB treatment then later he started ARvs, now he was about to finish 6 mnths for tb treatment the he had stomachr ache he went yo hospital and he was told he had intestinal tb. He went for operation at Edandale Hospital. Later he came bck h...

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N6 update

N6 was considered major break through for s functional cure for HIV infected people stoping 98% of the virus. Yet I have not heard any updates in the past year. Did N6 end up not being as successful as first thought?

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Undetectable life expectancy

People often use the term undetectable these days. But I was hoping for clarity as to why life expectancy is still 10 years shorter than the normal life span with such small levels in people's blood. Thank you!

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HIV Quality of Life

Hello Dr Mark Holidniy, On the surface, I see that people live to 78 years old with HIV. But around 50% of people claim memory loss. Then there's the issue of dementia, burdensome issues with body fat changes, brain inflation. Many long term patients...

Q&A: Ask the Experts

Life expectancy vs quality of life.

Dr Benjamin Young, The fact that those with HIV can expsxt to live to 75 years old now is such a relief to all with HIV. I was hoping that you could shed more light though on quality of life for your patients. Is low energy a major problem for your p...