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Immune System Terms

Immune memory: The ability of the immune system to store information about prior infections or vaccinations so as to respond quickly if the infection is re-encountered.

Antibodies: Antibodies coat, mark for immune destruction, or render harmless for...

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Study May Shed Light on Acute Retroviral Syndrome

Acute HIV infection, also referred to as Acute Retroviral Syndrome, is often characterized by high fevers, headache, myalgia (muscle pain), cutaneous rash and adenopathy (enlargement of lymph nodes) coexistent with extremely high plasma HIV RNA level...

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Report on the First International Acute HIV Infection Conference

Arlington, VA October 16 and 17, 2000

Acute Infection Definitions Challenges for Identifying Acute Infection Defining HIV-specific Immunity Clinical Trials of Acute Infection Transmission of Drug-resistant HIV Concluding Observations...

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New Finding on Immune Response to HIV Tat May Contribute to Vaccine, Treatment

Researchers have learned important details of how the immune system first controls HIV, and how the virus evades it, through a study in monkeys published this week in Nature.(1, 2)

For some time it has been widely believed that a kind of T cell cal...

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A Look at HIV Immune Research

Although viral load testing is the standard for measuring the effectiveness of antiretroviral therapy, it is at best an indirect measure of changes in the immune system. Several assays are now in development that measure cellular immune response. The...

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B Cells May Help Maintain HIV Infection

The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) devastates the body's ability to fight off infection by destroying a key class of T cells essential for maintaining a vigorous immune response. Now, scientists from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectio...

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NIAID Researchers Discover Why Some HIV-Infected People Don't Develop AIDS

For reasons largely unknown, a small number of HIV-infected individuals remain symptom-free long after AIDS normally would have appeared. Scientists from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and their co-workers now repor...

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Report on Genetic Diversity Conference

Presentation I: Epidemiology of Transmission of HIV-1 Non-B Types and HIV-2 in the United States

Presentation II: HIV-1 Non-B Subtypes and HIV-2 Laboratory Diagnosis, Monitoring and Clinical Management

Presentation III: Case Presentations


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Chemokines and HIV Coreceptors: Opening Doors to New Anti-HIV Strategies

NIAID's sustained commitment to basic research continues to yield breakthroughs that, although still in their early stages, are likely to culminate in significant medical benefits. The story of chemokines and HIV coreceptors is an example of how year...

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Immune Control

dna molecule"Simply Medical" presents information on a variety of topics in HIV/AIDS treatment and research. It is published as a service to our readers and is intended for information purposes only. Treatment decisions should always be made in consu...