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HIV (Apparently) Comes From Gorillas: What This Means for the HIV Community: A Blog Entry by Myles Helfand

Ann Darrow: the Fay Wray edition

Look out! You can get HIV from a gorilla! Somebody warn Ann Darrow!

OK, OK, let's all calm down. Yes, scientists have apparently found that HIV can make the leap from gorillas into humans. But what does it mean for ...

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Zephyr Foundation Launches New Community Forum for "HIV Controllers"

The Zephyr Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of the very first interactive Forum for members of the HIV Controller community. We extend an invitation to all individuals known as 'long-term non-progressors (LTNPs), slow-progressors (SLPs), ...

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The Immune System -- An Overview

Reviewed October 2008

The immune system is composed of many interdependent cell types that collectively protect the body from bacterial, parasitic, fungal, viral infections and from the growth of tumor cells. Many of these cell types have specialize...

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The Immune System and Aging

HIV affects each of us differently. Some people progress to symptoms very quickly; others live for 20-plus years without any signs of immune suppression or symptoms. Each of us age differently as well. How we age and how the aging of our bodies impac...

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Study: Uninsured Don't Get Needed Health Care; Delayed Diagnoses, Premature Deaths Result

The lack of health insurance in America leads to delayed diagnoses, life-threatening complications and, ultimately, 18,000 premature deaths each year, according to a report released Tuesday by the Institute of Medicine. In the first comprehensive stu...

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Increasing Manganese Levels Inhibit HIV

Scientists working with yeast have made the unexpected discovery that the metal manganese can block the replication of HIV inside cells, a finding that could lead to a whole new class of treatments for the virus, according to research released yester...

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Accumulation of DC-SIGN+ CD40+ Dendritic Cells with Reduced CD80 and CD86 Expression in Lymphoid Tissue During Acute HIV-1 Infection

Accumulation of DC-SIGN+ CD40+ Dendritic Cells with Reduced CD80 and CD86 Expression in Lymphoid Tissue During Acute HIV-1 Infection Abstract 1947 Authored by K. Lore (Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden), A. Sonnerborg (Karolinska Inst...

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New Findings Explain T-Cell Loss in HIV Infection

For a number of years, many scientists have believed that HIV depletes its primary target, CD4+ T cells, by blocking new T-cell production. Two independent studies now challenge that point of view, showing that HIV does not block such production but ...

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Apparently Harmless Virus Associated with Reduced HIV Death

Two independent studies published September 6, 2001, in the New England Journal of Medicine1, 2 found that persons with HIV who were also infected with a virus not known to cause disease had a much lower death rate than those who were not infected --...

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Antibodies and HIV: New Evidence (Interview with Ruth Ruprecht, M.D., Ph.D.)


HIV infection causes the body to produce large amounts of antibodies -- specialized proteins produced by the immune system to fight infecting bacteria or other organisms. But most of the antibodies produced in response to HIV infection ar...