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Justin Davis, also known as “JD Blackstone.”

Black Queer Sex Workers Need a Seat at the HIV Advocacy Table: A Conversation With JD Blackstone

Sex workers are not monolithic—and it is vital that their expertise be centered in HIV efforts that target the sex worker community.

By Michael Chancley Jr., M.S.W.
Carmarion D. Anderson-Harvey

Anti-Transgender Bills Are Active in Dozens of States. Here’s How Trans Folks and Allies Are Fighting Back

This is a record year for bills aiming to block trans youth from medical care or school sports—and some have already passed.

By Tim Murphy
Tiny House

My Sistah’s House Is Building Tiny Homes for Black Trans People in Memphis

Organizer Kayla Gore speaks on the importance of inclusive, affirming shelter during the COVID-19 pandemic.

By Terri Wilder, M.S.W.
Deirdre Johnson

Virginia Proves HIV Criminalization Laws Are Harder to Repeal Than They Should Be

Advocates in Viriginia got much—though not all—of what they wanted, providing a strategy blueprint for several states where a second look at such laws is imminent.

By Tim Murphy
Raif Derrazi

Bodybuilding and Fitness Helped Raif Derrazi Cope While Living with HIV

Like many people, bodybuilder Raif Derrazi is trying to find balance during the stress of COVID times. His balance just happens to include his social media presence and living with HIV.

By Katherine Abando
Dr. Julio Montaner, head of the BC Center for Excellence in HIV/AIDS

How One Canadian Province Hit Its Lowest Rate of HIV Transmission Ever

Despite the interruptions in testing and treatment caused by the COVID-19 pandemic elsewhere, Julio Montaner, M.D., and colleagues in British Columbia have nearly eliminated HIV there.

By Ray Mwareya
CurtisSmithHERO copy

Curtis Smith Turned His AIDS Loss and Pain Into Service to Others

Curtis is the founder of Families Living with AIDS Care Center, a lifeline in what once was an HIV services desert in Southern California.

By Tim Murphy
SeanColeman diptych

Sean Coleman Made His Dream of Housing for NYC’s Trans/GNC Sex Workers Come True

Even amid COVID, the City Council–funded Bronx supportive residence is open for business—and reflects just the beginning of Coleman’s plans.

By Tim Murphy
Positive Women's Network

Positive Women’s Network Wants You to Celebrate and Honor Black Women in the HIV Movement

Leading up to and on March 12, Positive Women’s Network will be holding an art contest, town hall, and more events honoring the work of Black women in the fight against HIV.

By Tim Murphy

Joseph Sonnabend, Brilliant Early AIDS Doctor, Would Treat Patients for Free

The amfAR and ACRIA cofounder, a hero in 1980s and ’90s New York City, died in London on Jan. 24 at age 88.