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Leaders From Two Generations Support People Newly Diagnosed With HIV

Two dedicated advocates living with HIV -- one almost 30 and the other 60 -- share the most important things they say to people their age who are newly diagnosed with HIV.

By JD Davids

With a Mandate for Change, a Longtime HIV/AIDS Leader Steps Up as Chief Officer for NYC's Massive Human Service Agency

"If you think about who's left to get to an undetectable viral load, they have much in common. There's poverty; mental health and substance use challenges; unstable housing, or homeless. So it's addressing those issues that will get us there."

By JD Davids

Looking Back, Looking Forward

At the end of this year, I will finish my final term as a New York State Senator. I was first elected to the Senate in 1998, after serving in the New York City Council for seven years. I have worked hard to represent my community and constituents on ...

By Tom Duane for ACRIA and GMHC

Tom Duane Announces Retirement and Housing Works Says Thank You

Tom Duane, our beloved New York Senator and long time ally of Housing Works is retiring after 14 years.

We salute you Tom Duane! Thank you for your courage, audacity, and conviction as a public politician championing our fight to end HIV/AIDS, the d...

By Boyuan for Housing Works

HIV Prevention in Latino Faith Communities: Counting Big Wins in an Uphill Battle

The topic of HIV prevention is a controversial one in many faith communities, and the local churches in the New York City Borough of Queens are no different. "We go to 10 churches in order to recruit one or two," explains Nathaly Rubio-Torio, co-foun...

By Olivia G. Ford

Harlem HIV Advocate Trains "Information Warriors" to Talk Up Testing to Friends and Family

My name is Vanessa Austin and I work at Harlem Hospital Center in New York City.

In New York City where we're in the epicenter of the HIV crisis, we have a collaboration of hospitals and CBOs [community-based organizations] working together that's...

By Olivia G. Ford