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Judith Light Honored with Special Tony Award for HIV/AIDS Activism

The actress spoke about theater's role in shining a light on the reality of the AIDS epidemic.

By Mathew Rodriguez

10 Black Transgender Women to Watch

Black AIDS Institute honors black trans women who are leading the fight for equality, human rights, and civil rights for trans and gender-nonconforming people of color.

By Whitney Alese for The Black AIDS Institute

I'm a Young, White, Gay Man Living With HIV, Here's How I Became Committed to Racial Justice

Michael Lamb was a white gay man who thought he knew it all. Then he was diagnosed with HIV, and he realized that if he wanted to end HIV stigma and racism, he had to start with himself.

By Michael Lamb

Sons and Mothers Unite to Heal

The idea for the groundbreaking support group Sons and Mothers came to Depressed Black Gay Men (DBGM) President and CEO Antoine Craigwell and a colleague a couple of years after Craigwell contemplated suicide for the second time.

The Guyanese journa...

By Tomika Anderson for The Black AIDS Institute

Farewell Frank Kameny: A Blog Entry by Candace Y.A. Montague

Frank Kameny, longtime D.C. gay activist and founder of Mattachine Society of Washington -- one of the earliest LGBT rights organizations in the U.S. -- passed away Tuesday from an apparent heart attack. Kameny was known as one of the founding father...

By Candace Y.A. Montague

I Am What I Am: A Blog Entry by Aless Piper

People are always asking Aless Piper why she's so into LGBT issues. "Because I'm interested in LGBT rights and AIDS -- both inexorably linked, in the public mind anyway, to sex -- there has to be something there; I have to be a closeted lesbian, or s...

By Aless Piper