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Candy Marcum and Howie Daire

Candy Marcum, a Therapist and Lesbian, Has Helped Gay Men in Texas Since the Early Days of AIDS

In the underfunded world of early 1980s HIV care, Candy Marcum worked at a Dallas-based resource center that opened up a hotline for gay men with HIV when it was still called GRID.

Jewel Thais-Williams

Jewel Thais-Williams Used Her Landmark Black LGBTQ Club to Support People with HIV

As the owner of Jewel's Catch One, Jewel Thais-Williams used the money from her business to support AIDS organizations and as a space to host fundraisers.

Jacquie Bishop

Jacquie Bishop Reflects on Being a Black Lesbian Health Care Worker in the Early AIDS Epidemic

Jacquie Bishop has seen some of the worst of the AIDS epidemic up close. Not only in her personal life, but also in her professional life. In this interview, she talks about the people with AIDS who she loved deeply, like Haitian writer Assotto Saint.

Transgender Day of Remembrance

Many Brave the Cold Winds for New York City's 20th Annual Transgender Day of Remembrance

"Let these names burn in your heart to fuel your desire to live."

AIDS Memorial Instagram Account

I Was Blocked From the AIDS Memorial Instagram Account for Asking About Diversity

One man's online memorial is "a potentially beautiful project," Giuliani Alvarenga writes. However, "[t]he problem? His project lacks diversity."

In Loving Memory: Brandon Lacy Campos Img

In Loving Memory: Brandon Lacy Campos

Our community has lost a powerful voice with the passing of activist and blogger William Brandon Lacy Campos. Our thoughts and condolences are with Brandon's family and friends. We at feel privileged to have been part of Brand...

The Ultimate Unscheduled Event: A Blog Entry by Steven M. Natterstad, M.D. Img

The Ultimate Unscheduled Event: A Blog Entry by Steven M. Natterstad, M.D.

"You, Dr. Bob's global online family, have suffered an immeasurable loss," writes Steven Natterstad, M.D. ("Dr. Steve"). In this blog post, Dr. Steve writes about the life and loss of his husband and partner for 18 years, Robert Frascino, M.D. -- a.k...

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Jason Robertson Dies at 23; Fought Efforts to Isolate Him in School Because of HIV Status

Jason Robertson, 23, died Thursday in Granite City, Ill. At age 5, Robertson was diagnosed with HIV; he contracted the virus through hemophilia blood products. At his mother's suggestion, the Granite City School District used a special classroom trai...

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Obituary: Stephen Burrus -- Helped Raise Millions to Assist People Affected by HIV, AIDS

Stephen Burrus, 53, a charity fund-raiser and event planner who devoted two decades to helping people with HIV/AIDS, died Aug 7 of AIDS complications at Ewing Center in Oak Cliff, Texas. Burrus raised more than $4 million for nonprofit services that ...

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Obituary: Steve Grissom, Battler on HIV Blood

Steve Grissom undertook the challenge of persuading Congress to pay restitution to people who, like him, contracted HIV from tainted blood, but did not live to see his legislative goal realized. Grissom, 52, died last Wednesday at his home in Gary, N...