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Erasing Black AIDS Histories

With chants and decals broadcasting the message "Stop Erasing Black People," the Tacoma Action Collective protested the "Art AIDS America" exhibition, demanding greater black representation for its national tour.

By Ted Kerr for The New Inquiry

Racial Justice Activist DeRay Mckesson Reflects on HIV and the Black Lives Matter Movement

DeRay Mckesson, a powerful activist for racial justice, took the stage at the U.S. Conference on AIDS to discuss Black Lives Matter and his own experiences with HIV testing and stigma.

By Drew Gibson

Representative Maxine Waters: If Black Lives Matter, Don't Cut the Minority AIDS Initiative

"Clearly, the lives of blacks, Latinos, and other minorities disproportionately impacted by HIV/AIDS are still at great risk and we cannot afford to let the Minority AIDS Initiative be decimated," said Rep. Waters, a longtime Congressional HIV advoca...

By Hadiyah Charles

Views on the Trial and Conviction of Michael Johnson, a Black Life That Matters

The HIV criminalization case of Missouri college student Michael Johnson is a call to rethink everything we thought we knew about the HIV epidemic, about the justice system and about the lives caught in the intersection of those two spheres. We offer...

An Open Letter to Larry Kramer

After Larry Kramer received a lifetime achievement award from GMHC, his comments bristled some in the HIV/AIDS community. Steve Helmke of ACT UP has a response to Kramer's comments.

By Steve Helmke for ACT UP New York

How Is Silence Equals Death Relevant Post-Ferguson?

Christian Liclair discusses the ACT UP slogan "Silence = Death" and what it means during this time of racial unrest in the United States.

By Christian Liclair for Visual AIDS

Forgetting ACT UP and Reducing the Past to One Moment

Coming out of an event in New York City, this piece discusses what happens when we continuously remember ACT UP instead of remembering all the activism that happened in the AIDS crisis.

By Ted Kerr for Visual AIDS

Why We Cannot Abandon South Africa's Treatment Action Campaign (TAC)

The TAC is facing a massive budget deficit, created by funders dropping support. The community must reject this cynicism and show that solidarity doesn't stop when the mainstream media stops paying attention.

By Matthew Kavanagh

Erasing Gay Men From AIDS History

Recent comments from Kenneth Cole have drawn the ire of many longtime HIV survivors in the gay community.

By Mark S. King for The Bilerico Project

Building a Strategic Plan by and for U.S. Women Living With HIV: Improving Lives, Upholding Rights

Female HIV advocates have been on the frontlines of the fight since day one, but there is a dearth of leadership among women. Here are some women aiming to correct that inequality.

By Olivia G. Ford