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Toward Health Equity

"We will not end HIV as an epidemic without the expertise and leadership of Black and Latino gay and bisexual men and transgender people of color," Jeremiah Johnson writes.

By Jeremiah Johnson for Treatment Action Group

Countering the Contagion of Racism Through Resistance

"Even after 35 years of HIV/AIDS, the stories of critical Black activism are notably absent in the dominant media and movement narratives," Suraj Madoori writes. "Contributions of early Black activism in resisting medical racism and catalyzing a much...

By Suraj Madoori for Treatment Action Group

Beyond Tuskegee: A Case for a Racial Justice Agenda in Treatment and Research

"Recent studies of Black communities' attitudes regarding HIV show that ... rumors and conspiracies have continued to persist, and yet few, if any, public health approaches have been funded to directly engage communities in these myths and to provide...

By Kenyon Farrow for Treatment Action Group

I Will Be Heard: Countering the Narrative of 1 in 2

"Through simple acts of everyday activism, storytelling, political engagement and resistance, we can insert the realities of Black gay men to reform policy, end social injustices and change the landscape of the HIV/AIDS response to one that centraliz...

By Charles Stephens for The Counter Narrative Project

Black Gay Man Takes Center Stage at DNC to Talk About HIV

For the first time in 12 years, a person living with HIV addressed a major political party at the 2016 Democratic National Convention. Daniel Driffin took center stage, speaking about HIV/AIDS advocacy.

By Human Rights Campaign

This Collective Bridges the 'Vexing Question' of the Gay HIV Viral Divide

"The result is thought provoking and kicks open a fresh dialogue about HIV, all as a result of this group of incredibly smart, informed, passionate, sexy men getting together and finding common ground," says Charles Sanchez.

By JD Davids

Gay Collective: 'The Virus Divides. It Doesn't Have To.' A Blog Entry by Mark S. King

In a cramped meeting room in New York City on May 27, 2016, a dozen gay men, HIV positive and negative alike, came together to answer a vexing question: How do gay men bridge a divide that has been forged through decades of HIV stigma, distrust and m...

By Mark S. King for

5 Ways to Make HIV Infection Rare: How States, Cities, People Living With HIV and Communities Can End the Epidemic

Living with HIV since 1986, Murray Penner heads a national group of state public health officials focused on HIV. He walks us through how we can make new HIV infections rare in every zip code in the U.S.

By Murray Penner

Women's Prevention Works If Women's Realities Are Appreciated and Prioritized

Advocates from across Africa came together for a meeting to discuss the recent dapivirine vaginal ring results, what they mean in the broader context of women's HIV prevention, what comes next and key milestones to plan for.

By Manju Chatani-Gadi for AVAC: Global Advocacy for HIV Prevention

Will the Global HIV Response Fail Gay Men and Other Men Who Have Sex With Men?

This June, the United Nations High-Level Meeting on HIV/AIDS will issue a "political declaration" on the global HIV response. This declaration will, in turn, have significant influence for years to come in the setting of global HIV policy priorities,...

By Global Forum on MSM & HIV