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train traveling through Missouri, St. Louis skyline in background

Missouri’s Redo of Its HIV Criminalization Law Is a Good Start—but It’s Not Enough

Among other issues, it doesn’t entirely do away with felony charges, leaving Black folks in particular vulnerable to unfair and excessive sentencing.

By Devin Hursey
Colin Robinson

Remembering Colin Robinson: A Father of Black Queer Liberation

When the prolific activist and poet passed away, he took a large chunk of Black, LGBTQ, and HIV history with him.

By Juan Michael Porter II
Part of Poem for an Anniversary, written on a scroll of sales receipt paper

“I Can’t Remember the Question, but the Answer Was: Party.”

How a super-creative group of advocates rethought what it means to observe the 40th anniversary of the first published reports of HIV/AIDS.

Donja R. Love

Respectful Communication Can Save HIV-Positive Lives

If medical providers want to ensure adherence and linkage to care for people living with HIV, they will need to check their humanity.

By Juan Michael Porter II
President Biden

Biden Is Currently Facing 3 Epidemics

In America, the concurrent epidemics of HIV, COVID-19, and systemic racism share a lot of common roots.

By Tuyishime Claire Gasamagera
Billy Porter

Why It Still Matters When Celebrities Disclose Their HIV Status

Their courage places HIV in mainstream headlines (in a good way), changes the public perception of HIV, and helps in our efforts to force the U.S. government to take action.

By Charles Sanchez
talking to doctor

I Am a Patient Navigator. Here’s What I Wish I’d Known Before Starting PrEP

So much of navigating the decision to start an HIV prevention method starts with unlearning stigma and seeking out a supportive provider.

By Michael Chancley Jr., M.S.W.
Anthony Fauci, M.D.

Learning From HIV Research, $1.15 Billion for NIH Long-Term Studies of COVID-19 Must be Wisely Spent

We must recognize long COVID-19 as a chronic condition—and that starts with an equitable, community-led, and long-term response.

By JD Davids
Black woman talking to doctor

Doctor Silent About HIV and PrEP? Here’s How Black Women Can Self-Advocate

If you are a Black woman, and your doctor doesn’t mention incorporating HIV prevention into your care, these questions may help guide the conversation.

By Dali Adekunle
Sero Project staff members Kamaria Laffrey, Tami Haught, and Cindy Stine during preparations for the HIV Is Not A Crime Conference (HINAC).

Trump May Be Gone, but the HIV Criminalization Fight Goes On

There’s still work to do, even under a more progressive administration.

By Giuli Alvarenga