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NYC’s Leather Daddy HIV Czar Is Going to the CDC—And Advocates Nationwide Are Thrilled

Demetre Daskalakis, M.D., who led New York City through seven years of bold programs that made the city’s HIV rates plunge, will take his prevention vision national starting Dec. 21.

By Tim Murphy
Trump goodbye

As the Trump Era Ends, HIV Activists Need to Go Big or Go Home

In this kind of environment, sticking to our business-as-usual HIV advocacy isn’t going to be enough, argues contributing editor and longtime activist Kenyon Farrow.

By Kenyon Farrow
Rusti Miller-Hill-8

Remembering Rusti Miller-Hill, Whose Life Spanned Multiple Women’s Movements

“She just didn’t know how many people she touched, and helped, and made feel good.”

By Olivia G. Ford
President-elect Joe Biden And Vice President-elect Kamala Harris fist bump after election win

Trump’s Leaving, But Health Care Challenges Remain. Where Do We Go From Here?

We checked in with some top advocates about why (and how) the HIV community must continue to mobilize in the face of an undecided Senate majority and an uncertain future for health care in the U.S.

By Tim Murphy
Assata Thomas of Institute for Community Justice (second from right) with Philadelphia police officers who collaborated with Philadelphia FIGHT on a gun buyback program

A Longtime Philadelphia HIV Agency Is Also Trying to Curb Gun Violence

Philadelphia FIGHT teamed up with fellow anti-incarceration program MANN-UP to give cash in exchange for guns and bullets, no questions asked.

By Tim Murphy
Joyce Wallace

Remembering Joyce Wallace, M.D., Early HIV/AIDS Doctor and Crusader for NYC Sex Workers

Wallace founded FROST’D, whose mobile van brought “streetwalkers” condoms, HIV testing, clean needles, health care—and compassion.

By Tim Murphy
voting booths

People Living With HIV Must Vote—Now More Than Ever

The Affordable Care Act, Medicaid expansion, access to reproductive health services, the price of medication, and even COVID-19 are all on the ballot.

By Alejandro Acosta
Angela Motsusi

Meet the South African Nurse Living With HIV Who Inadvertently Sparked a Global Anti-Stigma Movement

Angela Motsusi created the hashtag #NormalizingHIVChallenge on a whim—and watched it catch fire in a matter of days.

By Tim Murphy
6DEE594E-D90D-426A-9132-2F98ABAE1A09 edit

Anti-Stigma “I Can Give U” Campaign Takes Social Media by Storm

This DIY PSA campaign has spread internationally, telling the world about the wonderful things people with HIV can give, while successful treatment allows them to not give HIV.

By Charles Sanchez
Amy Coney Barrett

The Affordable Care Act Has Helped Us Folks With HIV in So Many Ways—but It’s Once Again Imperiled

If Amy Coney Barrett, Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, is seated before Nov. 10, it could mean the end of the health law that has benefited us on multiple levels.

By Tim Murphy