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Panel for the Human Rights Campaign's National Black HIV Awareness Day Event

Gilead Gives Yet More Money to Community Groups Combating HIV in Black and Latinx Communities

Via the Human Rights Campaign, the pharma giant will dole out $3.2 million, its latest investment in a complicated relationship with the HIV community.

By Tim Murphy
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Stable Housing Is Essential to Ending the HIV Epidemic

Will President Biden keep his promises to fund affordable housing and prevent homelessness?

By Juan Michael Porter II
Sero Project staff members Kamaria Laffrey, Tami Haught, and Cindy Stine during preparations for the HIV Is Not A Crime Conference (HINAC).

Trump May Be Gone, but the HIV Criminalization Fight Goes On

There’s still work to do, even under a more progressive administration.

By Giuli Alvarenga
Carmen Vazquez

LGBTQ Activists Remember Carmen Vázquez

On Jan. 27, Carmen Vázquez, a beloved and outspoken member of the LGBTQ+ community and longtime social-justice activist, died of COVID-19 complications at age 72.

By Terri Wilder, M.S.W.
TS Candii

New York’s Notorious “Walking While Trans” Law Has Finally Been Repealed

The transgender community and allies spent years trying to undo a solicitation law used to harass Black and brown trans women on the street.

By Tim Murphy
Positive Women's Network

Positive Women’s Network Wants You to Celebrate and Honor Black Women in the HIV Movement

Leading up to and on March 12, Positive Women’s Network will be holding an art contest, town hall, and more events honoring the work of Black women in the fight against HIV.

By Tim Murphy
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Could Raising the Minimum Wage Be the Best Way to Fight HIV?

Making sure everyone has enough money to live on can protect HIV-negative people from vulnerability to HIV infection and keep the viral loads of people living with HIV undetectable.

By Juan Michael Porter II

Joseph Sonnabend, Brilliant Early AIDS Doctor, Would Treat Patients for Free

The amfAR and ACRIA cofounder, a hero in 1980s and ’90s New York City, died in London on Jan. 24 at age 88.

Pamela Sneed

The ‘Funeral Diva’ Pamela Sneed Remembers AIDS, Art, and Activism in New Book

Black lesbian poet and activist Pamela Sneed discusses her latest collection of essays and poems, ‘Funeral Diva.’

By Kenyon Farrow
Biden Harris

Biden Actually Has a House and Senate Majority. So What Should We Push For?

Advocates say that a big fat COVID bill must come first, followed by a Medicare public option. (Oh ... and then there’s impeachment.)

By Tim Murphy