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History of HIV/AIDS

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The Musical 'Rent' Will Be Televised, but Has It Lost Its Potential to Spark Action Against HIV Stigma?

When Rent opened on Broadway in 1996, it was a radical push against the stigma of living with HIV. But can the upcoming live televised production on Fox go beyond shallow sentimentality?

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TheBody's 10 Most Popular HIV-Related Stories of 2018

We wanted to share with you the articles on TheBody that you made the most popular stories we’ve published this year.

Charles Sanchez
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2018 Sucked Ass. Will 2019 Be Any Better?

"It can't all be bad, right?" Charles Sanchez writes. "There are things in the coming year to look forward to, I know it, things that give hope."

George H.W. Bush in 2012
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On the Day of George H.W. Bush's Funeral, Recalling HIV/AIDS Deaths on His Watch, and How Queers Fought Back

"George Herbert Walker Bush was about to start formally running for a second presidential term," writes JD Davids. "From across the northeastern United States, ACT UP members were traveling to Kennebunkport, Maine, a stereotypically quaint village wh...

Las Memorias AIDS Monument
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On World AIDS Day, Remembering What the '80s Were Like for Latinx Gay Men in California

"Many of us who are younger don't know what those days were like," Giuliani Alvarenga writes. "But World AIDS Day should be a time when we remember those we have lost to the virus."

A still from the 'tombstone' public health campaign.

AIDS: Homophobic and Moralistic Images of 1980s Still Haunt Our View of HIV -- That Must Change

"We must consider what AIDS meant to people in the 1980s and 1990s, and what HIV still means today," João Florêncio writes.

Fernando Marsical speaking at Hidden Histories; background photo of Latina/o Caucus members also by Fernando Mariscal (Credit: Molly Gingras)
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Early Latinx AIDS Activism Holds Lessons for Today

At a recent New York event, ACT UP NY's founding Latino Caucus members recalled a time when community members took the epidemic into their own hands.

Michael Musto

Nightclub Explosions With Political Points of View: Michael Musto on Writing at the Height of the AIDS Crisis

"I think people are more sexual now than they were when AIDS first hit. A lot of people used to run out in nightclubs in, like, scary outfits, almost to ward off potential suitors," recalls the legendary Village Voice columnist.

Hard to Say Who's to Blame for 'Patient Zero'? A Blog Entry by Aless Piper Img

Hard to Say Who's to Blame for 'Patient Zero'? A Blog Entry by Aless Piper

"The experts thought [HIV] was transmitted through sex," Aless Piper writes, "but for a long time, certainly most of the time in which Dugas was sexually active, that wasn't verifiable fact."

35 Years Later: GMHC Remembers the Seminal 1981 _New York Times_ Article Img

35 Years Later: GMHC Remembers the Seminal 1981 New York Times Article

"Looking back on the first New York Times article on AIDS reminds us of how far we have come," writes Kelsey Louie. "We are closer than ever to actually ending the epidemic once and for all. But it also reminds us that we still have work to do."...