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After 37 Years We Can Finally End the HIV Epidemic. The Question Is, Will We?

"If the political landscape does not support our efforts, then we must work together to change it," Ronald Johnson writes. "To elect leaders that have the political will to move us forward and not backward."

By Ronald Johnson for AIDS United

Lives on the Line: The Human Impact of Proposed Cuts to Global HIV Funding

The Trump administration's proposed budget cuts to the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) could result in over a million people experiencing HIV treatment disruptions, leading to tens of thousands of preventable AIDS-related deaths f...

By amfAR, The Foundation for AIDS Research

A New Kind of Crisis: The Security Council Declares AIDS in Africa a Threat to World Stability

The United Nations Security Council, which usually deals with armed conflict, declared on Monday that there is a new kind of threat to political stability: a disease. AIDS in Africa is killing 10 times as many people as war, sabotaging the economy, a...

By Mark Schoofs

Coverage Isn't Care: Globalizing the Insurance Model Will Harm Global Public Health

"Exportation of the insurance model to developing countries, especially at a time of global austerity, institutionalizes the retreat from the social contract at just the moment when investment in infectious diseases could result in the elimination of...

By Annette Gaudino for Treatment Action Group

Trump Policy Harming Kenya, Uganda Health Services

Early effects of U.S. restrictions to global health aid include cuts to essential health services in Kenya and Uganda, resulting in a loss of training and equipment and widespread confusion about implementation.

By Human Rights Watch

Dozens of Countries Left Out of New PEPFAR Strategy, Threatening Global AIDS Response

The plan takes the foot off the gas for more than 37 countries PEPFAR does not designate as "priority," leaving behind millions of people living with HIV due to a lack of resources and a waning commitment to evidence-based strategies.

By Health GAP

HIV-Positive Venezuelans Aren't Getting Their HIV Meds

During the ongoing political crisis, HIV-positive people have had to forego several medications.

By Mathew Rodriguez for INTO

PrEP Stymied in Europe: What's the Hold Up?

Europe is the birthplace of the smallpox vaccine and the Renaissance, among other treasures. So why can't this continent that has brought forth such cornerstones of public health and flourishing civilization deliver oral PrEP?

By Cindra Feuer for AVAC: Global Advocacy for HIV Prevention

HIV/AIDS Funding Is an Investment Worth Protecting

"The return on investment in this epidemic has been high," Allison Webel writes. "HIV is now a chronic, rather than fatal, disease throughout the world. New infections are dropping, and we are closer than we have ever been to achieving our goal of th...

By Allison Webel for The Conversation

Stay Vigilant: President Trump's Budget Is Just One Threat to Global HIV/AIDS Funds

President Trump's budget is viewed as "dead on arrival" by members of Congress, notes Drew Gibson. But don't be fooled, he says: Killer HIV funding threats are not going away -- and here's what you need to do about it.

By Drew Gibson